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Australian Investigation Hints Ukraine Army Shot Down MH17

An Australian Governemnt investigation into the MH17 attacked has found that the shooting down of the airliner was a deliberate act of mass murder and likely to have been conducted by the Ukraine Army. The investigation conducted by the State Coroner’s Court of NSW and released on the 17th May 2016 has found the shooting … Continue reading

Bernie Sanders Makes Socialism Cool for American Teenagers

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Bernie Sanders a 70 something years old grumpy Brooklyn Jew ability to make Socialism cool in the 21st century for American teenagers is a sign of the failed Neo-Liberal domestic and international policies offered by the Democrat and Republican Party. His ability to rally millions of Americans behind his Socialist banner…

The Difference Between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders – Modes of Transport

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Two contrasting videos from 2015 highlight the difference between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. First video shows Hillary Clinton leaving a corporate fundraiser wiin her husbands taxpayer funded limo with secret service limo. The second video shows Bernie Sanders sprinting between trains on the way to his own fundraiser.

David Duke Disavows KKK Threatened to Out More Klan Associated Politicians

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In  a January 2015 interview on CNN about the association of Republican House of Representatives leader Steve Scalise with the Klan, former Ku Klux Klan leader disawoved the organisation but also ominously threatened to out more former Democrat and Republican associates of the Klan if they are hypocrticial in criticising other…

Hillary Clinton Wants to Arm Neo-Nazi’s in the Ukraine

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US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as part of her foreign policy wants to arm Neo-Nazi’s in the Ukraine after already spending $5bn of US taxpayers dollars bringing a series of Colour Revolutions to the former Soviet state.

Hillary Clinton, David Duke, Yulia Tymoshenko and the University of Hate in the Ukraine

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MAUP University in Kiev remains the key source of pro Stepan Bandera anti-Communist and anti-Semitic agitation and propaganda in Ukraine. It organizes anti-Communist and anti-Semitic meetings and conferences, regularly discusses issues  statements and publishes anti-Communist anti-Semitic Neo-Nazi propaganda in two widely-distributed periodicals, Personnel and Personnel Plus. At the same time, MAUP…

US Trained Croatian Neo-Nazi’s Fighting with the Azov Battalion in the Ukraine

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In a 22 minute documentary SLTV presents evidence obtained from social media sites on Croatian Army Neo-Nazi’s for with the Azov Battalion’s Misanthropic Division in the Russian Civil War in Ukraine. The Misanthropic Division of the Azov Battalion is made up largely of volunteer fighters from the Croatian Army who received…

State Department Censors Hundreds of Comments Negative of the KKK

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The State Department in its true bureaucratic style has censored hundreds of comments on its Youtube page after a huge public uproar over Hillary Clinton praising former Ku Klux Klan leader Robert Byrd. The controversy started after Donald Trump equivocated over rejecting the support of State Department assocaite David Duke who has helped create…

Tens of Thousands March Across America for Bernie Sanders

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? 27th February 2016 United States of America Tens of thousands of Americans have marched in support of Bernie Sanders across around 100 cities in the Unites States. These citizens have marched in support of his policies which seek to advance the social conditions of ordinary citizens instead of the current…

Shocking Hillary Clinton Eulogy for Ku Klux Klan Leader, Found on State Department Youtube Channel

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A shocking eulogy for former Ku Klux Klan leader Robert Byrd has been found on the state Department Youtube Page posted by presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. In the video Clinton confess to how the former Ku Klux Klan as her political mentor helped get her into politics and how he played…