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U.S. Military To Send an Extra 1000 Troops to Romania to Help Stablise Politcal Situation


Another 1000 American military troops will be based in Romania as part of the three brigades that the United States announced they will be sending to Europe in 2017. These forces are to help stabalise the declining political situation that could lead to a domino effect in America’s Eastern European allies which all all suffering from the effects of rampant Oligarch cooruption, increase in poverty and a rise in the support of pro-Socialist. The deplouemnt of further US stabalisation troops for Romania was announced by  Romanian Minister of Defense Mihnea Motoc during an interview with Europa FM Interviews.

The American forces would rotate and as well as participate in joint military exercises, “It’s difficult to make a very exact estimate, but I think that the expectation regarding our area on the Eastern flank, but also the Nordic area, is the equivalent of a battalion,” said Motoc, clarifying that a battalion would…

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