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Roses and Rifles: Women from the FARC-EP, Colombia


Vilma Kahlo, director of Roses and Rifles:

Colombia is a country that has been at war for more than 50 years, due to a social model that benefits the oligarchic minority and at the expense of the poor majorities, who suffer exclusion and violence. This excluding society is being led by a narco-state, financed and supported by the North American government.

The mass graves, the false positives (assassinations of innocent people by the repressive forces of the state, falsely accusing them of being guerrilla fighters), tortures and violations to peasants, because of being “supporters” of the guerrilla movement (Colombia is ranked second in the world for displaced population, as a result of state and paramilitary violence); threats, persecution and repression to political dissidence; it’s every day’s bread for our sister nation Colombia. Colombians live in a country with a terrorist government where human rights don’t exist.

In the middle of…

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