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Croatian Foreign Ministry Tells Citizens to Stop Fighting for Azov Battalion in the Ukraine


The Croatian Foreign Ministry has under pressure called for volunteers fighting for to stop fighting for the Ukrainian Army and special police units in the Ukraine such as the azov Battalion.

The ministry’s message comes after a StalinLivesTV released a cyber documentary and and the Russian foreign ministry issued a complaint that Croats were violating a peace deal with Russia calling upon Croatia to “stop the perverted practice” of Croats joining the Ukrainian armed forces.

A Russian government spokesman was quoted by the Croatian Foreign Minister Vesna Pusic who confirmed the presence of Croatian citizens in the Ukraine’s armed forces and interiro ministry, condemning Croatia “for not questioning the legality of such involvement on the part of Croatian citizens”.

Pusic on Wednesday admitted that some Croatian citizens had joined the battle with pro-Russian freedom fighters in the Ukraine, adding, however, that they had joined the Ukrainian Army and Interior Ministry…

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