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Tens of Thousands March Across America for Bernie Sanders

Originally posted on TheDailyStalin:
? 27th February 2016 United States of America Tens of thousands of Americans have marched in support of Bernie Sanders across around 100 cities in the Unites States. These citizens have marched in support of his policies which seek to advance the social conditions of ordinary citizens instead of the current…

Shocking Hillary Clinton Eulogy for Ku Klux Klan Leader, Found on State Department Youtube Channel

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A shocking eulogy for former Ku Klux Klan leader Robert Byrd has been found on the state Department Youtube Page posted by presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. In the video Clinton confess to how the former Ku Klux Klan as her political mentor helped get her into politics and how he played…

Bulgaria PM Reshuffles Deputies Portfolios as Pro-European Government on Verge of Collapse

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Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has decided to redistribute the specific porfolios assigned to the four Deputy Prime Ministers, the government’s press office has announced as a political crises ithin the pro-European government continues to grow. The government recently survived a no-confidence censure motion in parliament brought by the opposition the…

U.S. Military To Send an Extra 1000 Troops to Romania to Help Stablise Politcal Situation

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? Another 1000 American military troops will be based in Romania as part of the three brigades that the United States announced they will be sending to Europe in 2017. These forces are to help stabalise the declining political situation that could lead to a domino effect in America’s Eastern European…

Croatian Foreign Ministry Tells Citizens to Stop Fighting for Azov Battalion in the Ukraine

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The Croatian Foreign Ministry has under pressure called for volunteers fighting for to stop fighting for the Ukrainian Army and special police units in the Ukraine such as the azov Battalion. The ministry‚Äôs message comes after a StalinLivesTV released a cyber documentary and and the Russian foreign ministry issued a complaint…

Roses and Rifles: Women from the FARC-EP, Colombia

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Vilma Kahlo, director of Roses and Rifles: Colombia is a country that has been at war for more than 50 years, due to a social model that benefits the oligarchic minority and at the expense of the poor majorities, who suffer exclusion and violence. This excluding society is being led by…

In Uman 450 Tons Straws Caught Fire at Arms Factory 19th Feb 2016

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19th February 2016 Uman Ukraine In Uman 450 tons straw caught fire at arms factory that makes lead pellets for arms.

Ukraine SBU Attack ‘Red Light City’ Restaurant Owner in Lviv 21st February 2016

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21st February 2016 Lviv Ukraine Ukraine government secret service officers from the SBU have attacked attacked the owner of Red Light City restaurant on princess Olga Street in central Lviv after he refused to pay money to them. According to the SBU officers because his restaurant in painted in the red…