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History of US and UK Colloboration with Stephan Bandera and the Organistaion of Ukraine Nationalists


Band.jpgI post this extract from the US Government’s National Archive publications Hitler Shadow: Nazi War Criminals, U.S. Intelligence and the Cold War Chapter 5 by US Academics Richard Breitman and Norman Gooda. Breitman and Gooda work is based soley of declassified CIA and US Military documents which begs the question about what was going on behind the scenes that was not kept on official records.

What the publication of the CIA documents in regards to western collaboration with Stepan Bandera and the Organisation of Ukraine Nationalists (OUN) shows is a deliberate fostering of a Neo-Nazi Bandera cult and the sponsorship and promotion globally amongst members of Ukraine’s ex-patriot Catholic Community. What is also proves is the US and UK government’s complicity and sponsorship of the current  the War in Ukraine through their strategic promotion of fascist ideology. It also proves that the current Banderist ideology of the Ukraine post-coup Junta…

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