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The Transformation of Vladimir Lenin into Yaroslav Stetsko in Ternopil 20th of June 1991



On the 20th of June, 1991 two months before the collapse of the Soviet Union local authorities in Ternopil  removed the local monument to Lenin. Ternopil was the first city in the Ukraine to began the War on the Lenin Monuments.

Lenin was overthrown in the summer of 1990 and is how it happened. To save Lenin from constant vandalism, the monument was brought to the yard of the military unit no.11531, where locals caught the military in the process on transporting to monument Lviv. The unit commander told the to go away or that “you will be blinded” and the a monument will be restored in the city.


However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union the first city vandals desecrated what was left of the monument, and then turned it into this ugly bust in honour of Yaroslav Stetsko. Yes the same man who said:

“I fully appreciate…

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