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StalinLivesTV Editorial on the Situation in the former Ukraine SSR



In the end the issue that are currently plaguing the former Ukraine SSR are issues that aren’t about which party is in power or whose statue is in the main square of what town. Neither are they questions on who owns key economic assests. The questions are questions about post-Soviet Ukrainian political experience in which western style democracy is equated with drug, prostitution and armed violence. In many ways people living in in the post-Soviet era Ukraine share the experiences of people Bronx, Detroit, Baltimore or South Central  Los Angeles.

The post-Soviet democratic experience in the former Ukraine SSR is centred on government assets stripping with the funneling of hundreds of billions of dollars if infrastructure upgrade funding into bank accounts of private largely foreign based citizens. What the Ukraine needs is not asset sales and downsizing of government functions but a stable political system with the complete upgrade and…

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