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The Rebranding of The South Bronx as The Piano District Gentrification in New York #WhatPianoDistrict

A group of self centered capitalist property developers are trying to rebrand part of Mott Haven in the South Bronx as “The Piano District” after the piano factories that used to be there a century ago.

The strong community of the South Bronx are pushing back against the gentrification of the home turf and are fighting against this rebranding using the hashtag #WhatPianoDistrict. There are plans to build luxury waterfront housing and ship in thusnads of resdieints from other areas of New York without any consultation to the already exisiting community in the area.

Recently the developers threw a a Halloween Party called ‘Macabre Suite’ which featured class and racial sterotying of the Bronx residents which was hosted by so called artist Lucien Smith. The warehouse rave party took place on October 29 in a former piano factory under the Third Avenue Bridge in Port Morris. Thge party was thrown by real estate developers Somerset Partners — who purchased the properties on the Harlem river for $58 million and want to divide the area  from the South Bronx and rename it the “Piano District”. The event included bullet-riddled cars from Smith’s “scrap metal” series, and flaming trash bins meant to represent the people of the South Bronx.

The party has seen a strong reaction on social media from local residents opposed to the developers plans for the neighborhood and has obtained a small right-up in the New York Times.

For more on the issue see #WhatPianoDistrict and #SouthBronx on Twitter and Facebook and read the article from ArtFCity http://artfcity.com/2015/11/03/the-enduring-stink-of-lucien-smiths-out-of-touch-art-rave/



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