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Aesop’s Belling the Cat Fable and How it Applies to the MH17 in Ukraine


What is a Bellingcat

The term Bellingcat refers to a fable by ancient Greek writer Aesop. In this tale mice who live the house of a person steal food and discuss the idea idea of putting a bell  on cat whose job it is to stop the mice stealing food from the human occupants. Translating this fable about Russia onto the shooting shooting down of MH17 the house is the the former Ukraine SSR, Putin is the cat trying to defend the house against the stealing of the mice, Bellingcat is the young mouse who suggests putting the bell around the neck of the cat and the mice are trying to steal the resources of Ukraine, The story by Aesop ends with the plan failing as no mouse, even the mouse who suggested the idea of the bell, is brave enough to put the bell around the cat.


Once upon…

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