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Ukraine Army Defies NATO Junta’s Ban on Soviet Era Symbols, Flags and Music


The Ukraine Army owned and run Motherland Memorial to fallen Soviet soldiers in Kiev is defying bans by the NATO backed Oligarch Junta in Kiev and  to publicly broadcast Soviet Music like ‘The Sacred War’  and display Communist symbols despite neo-Fascist laws banning any organisation or person from doing so.

The continued dispaly of Soviet era symbols, flags and music by the Ukraine Army comes amid increasing tension between the pro-NATO oligarch regime run by former banker and business man Petro Poroshenko and pro-Bandera Ukriane Neo-Nazi’s for control of the collapsing Ukrainian economy.

Earlier in the year the Ukraine Army defied bans by the cnetral governemnt and held Victory Day pardes in several cities including Kiev, Kharkiv and a delayed victory day parade in Sumy all of which featured Soviet era flags, music and marching by the Ukraine Army. Such measures show the disquiet amognst certain sectors of the Ukraine…

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