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The Ukraine Needs a Red Colour Revolution As Only Socialism Can Bring Back Seperatist Donetsk and Luhansk Regions


Recently we were contacted by a junior member of the US State Department doing research and asking what in our opinion can be done to bring the separatists regions back into Ukraine and in to help prop up the dwindling support for US appointed President of Ukraine Poroshenko. We suggest that if the US could demonstrate its overwhelming power in spiritual issues by drastically turning down the temperature in Hades to sub-zero levels there may be a chance, i.e. we told them ‘when hell freezes over’. They said seriously we are writing proposals for reforms to help bring the separatist areas back into Ukraine and are asking what can help. They noted that they still wanted to squeeze Putin on Ukraine and at the same time wanted ensure that the anti-Semitic far-right didn’t come to power and to

We responded by telling them that the answer to bringing back the…

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