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Help Needed in Indentifying Ukrainian Army MH17 BUK Suspects


We are currently working on story from a lead obtained from within the Ukraine Army about potential Ukrainian suspects in in the shooting down on Malaysian flight MH17.

Suspect No.1

Unknown name suspected rank of Colonial in the Ukraine Army- We need his name, his rank and his unit of operation.

MH17 2

The unknown man was has been reported as being in charge of military training operations in Eastern Ukraine on the 16th July 2014 the day before the shooting down of Malaysian fight MH17. In this still from a video published by a Ukraine military owned news service you can see him overseeing jump training for Ukraine officers. The same video also shows BUK systems operating in Ukraine government held territory in Eastern Ukraine as well as swearing in of Azov Battalion members for training in eastern Ukraine.

MH17 5MH17 6


He can also be seen here in late 2015 handing over Ukraineā€¦

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