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The Development of Soviet Maskirovka in Hybrid Warfare Scenario’s for NATO-Russia Conflict (Exert)


In the development of Hybrid Warfare scenario’s for a NATO-Russia conflict a great emphasis is being placed on the emphasis on Soviet Maskirovka. In the west Maskirovka has been frequently mentioned in relation to the Russian Civil War in the former Ukraine SSR Civil War but is poor understood in both the west and in modern post-Soviet Russia. Maskirovka in its modern context can be best described as any processes purposefully designed to mislead, confuse, and interfere with the accurate collection data including human intelligence, signals intelligence as well as computer generated analytical tools that are favoured in the west for conflict and intelligence analysis.

A major problem for US military analysis of Hybrid Warfare is that Russian understandings do not easily translated into English. Maskironka is the perfect example of this. The US military analysis of the term refers to Maskironka as a type of camouflage, concealment or deliberate…

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