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Food Prices in Kiev Skyrocketing due to the Pro-EU Government Economic Policies


Food prices in Kiev have skyrocketed due to the Pro-EU government economic polices including spending the largest amount of its budget on a hopeless war to destroy the eastern regions who have rejected to Neo-Nazi coup in Feburary. Whilst the EU and US have supported a IMF partial bailout of the country they are demanding reforms including the privatisation of government assets which is the largest money earner in the Ukraine due to rampant corruption and failure to taces by it billionaires who have become rich by stealing assets of the former Ukraine SSR. A combination of the war and the resulting decline in economic activity due to sanctions oin the Ukraine’s largest trading partner Russia have led to hyper inflation in the Ukraine running between 15-25% per month where the average monthly wage is HR1400 or HR350 a week and a loaf of bread can cost between HR50 and…

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