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Indian Communists in Kharkiv Confuse Crazed Ukrop Propagandist


October 2015
A crazed pro-Bandera Ukrop propagandist has had a propaganda fail when desperately seeking support for Ukraine Nazi’s in the Russian speaking city Kharkiv. Despite in need of support to justify his bigoted and Neo-Nazi ideology he tries to enlisted the help of two Indians in Kharkiv only to find out they are pro-Communist. Sent into a frenzy he starts to insult India by accusing ti of having a communist government and of having polcies which encoruage to rape and abuse of women and children in India. The Indian communist keep the cool and attempt to correct him of his unscientific and anti-communist Neo-Nazi brainwashing. They attempt to engagge him in diagolue and tryb to exlain how they are from a region where the Communist Party has 80% electoral support but he attempts to argue with them and will only accept that the Communist party has *% support in…

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