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Russia Considers Preemptive Limited Airstrikes Against Islamic State Positions in Ukraine


Threats against Russian diplomat staff in Kiev and threats of terrorist attacks in Russia proper has Russia considering launching preemptive but limited airstrikes against bases of Islamic State fighters and their associates in Ukraine. These increased threats come after the Russian military at the invitation of the Syrian government started attacking the positions of Islamo-Fascist terrorist in Syria.

These steaming from the Imarat Kavkaz run and Islamic State Sheikh Mansour Battalion who are based near the Ukrainian cities of Mariupol, Kherson and Odessa and who have long standing working relationship with listed terrorist organisation the Right Sector.

Intelligence reports suggest that Ukrainian based terrorist are attempting to smuggle weapons from Ukraine volunteer battalions into Russia for a Charlie Hebdo style attack on civilian targets including theĀ Marina Roscha Synagogue in Moscow. French police earlier in the year arrested four Chechans linked with the Sheikh Mansour Volunteer Battalion in the relationā€¦

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One thought on “Russia Considers Preemptive Limited Airstrikes Against Islamic State Positions in Ukraine

  1. The US will see this not as an attempt to stamp out the Islamic State but as an opportunity to get NATO to go to war against Russia. Welcome the WW3 courtesy of the US and EU allies. Of course when the nazis start moving into Poland and the baltic and slavic states they will have no ally this time round – serves ’em right if they fall for US and their own propaganda.

    Posted by mohandeer | October 6, 2015, 1:48 pm

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