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Martin Indyk from the Brookings Institution Discuss US Policy Approach to Russian Intervention into Syria


23rd September 2015 Martin Indyk, Vice President and Director for foreign policy at the Brookings Institution and former US Ambassador to Israel, discusses with ABC Lateline’s Tony Jones  the diplomatic fallout as Russia increases its military presence in Syria with aircraft and training troops.

TONY JONES, PRESENTER: The United States has called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to come to the table and play a vital role in ending four years of civil war in Syria in which more than a quarter of a million people have been killed.

The diplomatic request comes as Russia’s military build-up in Syria helps prop up the shaky Assad regime.

These images show Russian military trainers in action and have added a new sense of urgency to find a diplomatic way out.

Along with the troops, dozens of Russian combat aircraft have been deployed in Syria and the US Secretary of State John Kerry…

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