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Ammunition Warehouse in Svatove Luhansk Set on Fire 29th October 2015

Originally posted on TheDailyStalin:
In NATO occupied Svatove Luhansk Peoples Republic warehouse housing several thousand rockets for MLRS and other military equipment were set on fire accidentally when a Ukraine Army Officer accidentally fired several RPG rounds  into a fuel storage container. Around 20,000 locals have been evacuated to Kharkov as a result. The accident…

Aesop’s Belling the Cat Fable and How it Applies to the MH17 in Ukraine

Originally posted on TheDailyStalin:
What is a Bellingcat The term Bellingcat refers to a fable by ancient Greek writer Aesop. In this tale mice who live the house of a person steal food and discuss the idea idea of putting a bell  on cat whose job it is to stop the mice stealing food from…

Body Language Analysis Shows Elitot Higgins aka GCHQ’s Bellingcat Lying Every 10 Seconds

Originally posted on TheDailyStalin:
A body language analysis of the Kings War College Visiting Associate Eliot Higgins aka Bellingcat with Australian Government Television ABC News 24 shows he lies on average approximately every 10 seconds.  According to word leading body language expert Robert Phipps the looking away to the left during conversation is a sure…

Who is Andriy Parubiy? Protest UK visit of Ukrainian politician with far right links

Originally posted on Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine:
Andriy Parubiy, is the deputy speaker of the Ukrainian parliament and a politician with a far right record. He is due to visit the UK to meet with government officials to advocate military aid for Ukraine. Here’s why we will be protesting his visit: “Parubiy…

Ukraine Army Defies NATO Junta’s Ban on Soviet Era Symbols, Flags and Music

Originally posted on TheDailyStalin:
The Ukraine Army owned and run Motherland Memorial to fallen Soviet soldiers in Kiev is defying bans by the NATO backed Oligarch Junta in Kiev and  to publicly broadcast Soviet Music like ‘The Sacred War’  and display Communist symbols despite neo-Fascist laws banning any organisation or person from doing so. The…

German Diplomats Warned Ukraine Government of Civilian Airliner Risks Before MH17 Shootdown

Western governments knew the dangers of flying over eastern Ukraine before Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 crashed but did nothing about it, German investigative journalists say. Correctiv, which describes itself as the first non-profit German-language investigative newsroom, has won a partial court victory in its quest to find out what governments knew before the tragedy. The … Continue reading

Australian Son of Victims Blames those Who Started to War for MH17 Tradegy

The son of a Queensland couple who died when Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine last week says justice will only be served when fighting in the region stops. Paul Guard, whose parents Roger and Jill Guard were on the doomed flight, told ABC News Breakfast the only way to find justice … Continue reading

Jarosław Kaczyński Polish Nationalist Leader in Support of Bandera Neo-Nazi’s in Kiev Ukraine

Originally posted on TheDailyStalin:
Former Polish Prime Minister and current leader of anti-EU that is leading candidate for the Law and Justice Party in the polls to become Poland’s next Prime Minister gave a speech on stage with Neo-Nazi pro-Bandera leaders under a Bandera flag supporting the  fascist coup in Ukraine December 2013. Bandera led…

Ukraine Army Media Report Shows BUK’s Deployed in Eastern Ukriane When MH17 was Shot Down16-07-2014

Originally posted on TheDailyStalin:
A Ukraine Army Media news report form the 16th July 2014 shows how BUK’s were deployed to Eastern Ukraine for training exercises on the day that MH17 was shot down. the video further shows how the Ukraine Army was on the day training members of the Azov battalion in how to…

Help Needed in Indentifying Ukrainian Army MH17 BUK Suspects

Originally posted on TheDailyStalin:
We are currently working on story from a lead obtained from within the Ukraine Army about potential Ukrainian suspects in in the shooting down on Malaysian flight MH17. Suspect No.1 Unknown name suspected rank of Colonial in the Ukraine Army- We need his name, his rank and his unit of operation.…