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The Ukraine Interior Minister Avakov Says Svoboda Party is Working for Putin

The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov has accused the members of the Svoboda Party of being foreign agents on the payroll of the Kremlin during a press briefing in Cherkassy.

“The Svoboda Party is now openly working for the Kremlin. The one who came to the (Rada) rally with a grenade also works for the Kremlin. Whoever was at the rally and came with a grenade thousands of miles away from the ATO Zone and then throws it – also works for the Kremlin,” he said.

Recalling the dead NationalGuardsmen under the Rada was eager to fight in the Donbass whilst the “Svobodovets” Shvaika and Sirotyuk declared suspicion in the riots under the Rada.

The attacker who threw a grenade at police, was detained at the rally and was a member of the Svoboda Party. Also at the rally Svoboda PArty leader Oleg Tyagnibok with seen rushing at the National Guardsmen with his fists raised.

U.S. authorities have urged Ukrainians to protest peacefully and to not upset the government which is carrying out economic reforms under its direction after the second wounded under National Guardsmen died in the hospital. Later a third wounded at the Rada protest died of shrapnel wounds to the brain.



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