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Partisan Hand Grenade Kills Right Sector Leader in Sumy The Ukraine


In Sumy the Ukraine a leader of the militant neo-nazi paramilitary organisation Right Sector was killed after a hand grenade was thrown through the organizations office.

According to information obtained Right Sector leader killed 31-year-old fighter Alexander Yakovenko, callsign “Executioner”, at about 6am whilst he was sleeping in the office. Three other members of the Right Sector sleeping with Yakovenko in the office weren’t injured in the explosion.

The mayor of Sumy Alexander Lysenko has given instructions to his Chief of a Municipal Property Vasily Shcherbak to discover which if any premises are leased to such militant organisations such as the Right Sector with a view to expel them.

“We will approach more closely to the issue of placement in homes of such organizations. Conduct interviews with clarifying the purpose of the establishment of the organization, the Charter and other details. Because it is the safety of our residents,” said the mayor.

Earlier this year similar attacks were carried out in Sumy with explosions occurred in the offices of “Svoboda” and “Batkivshchyna“, located in the residential units in the city of Sumy.



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