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Kadyrov Lays Down the Law to Would Be Islamo-Facsists in Chechnya

Chechen Republic Head Ramzan Kadyrov has taken a blunt approach to flushing out pro-ISIL extremist sentiment in his republic, holding direct face-to-face talks with youths suspected of supporting the terror group, Chechen television channel Grozny has reported.

At the event, conducted earlier this week, Kadyrov faced down several young men, who he shamed for voicing their sympathies for the terror group on social media. The talk was attended by local Imams, the heads of municipalities, and the youths’ parents; it was then broadcast on Chechen television.

Kadyrov emphasized that all of the “misguided” youth had respected and deeply religious parents, who sincerely condemned the actions of their sons.

Speaking at the event, parents noted that they had tried to raise their children to become pillars of support for their families, devout Muslims and worthy members of their communities and their country. They emphasized that they did not need sons “who betrayed family, relatives, friends, Islam and the Chechen people.”

In April, Russia’s Federal Security Service warned that the North Caucasus-based Salafist group Imarat Kavkaz, which fought against Chechen and federal security forces for the republic’s independence, had aligned itself with ISIL.

According to the Russian Interior Ministry, as many as 400 people from the Chechen Republic had left the region to join ISIL militants in Syria over the past year.




One thought on “Kadyrov Lays Down the Law to Would Be Islamo-Facsists in Chechnya

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