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Azov Battalion and AutoMaidan Sent to Patrol Border with Transnistria People’s Republic

Today in the Odessa gathered members of the Azov Battalion who with members of the AutoMaidan Movement will patrol the border with the Transnistrian People’s Republic.

On Monday, September 21, “Civil Case of Odessa Azov” together with the “Union of Transnistrian Citizens of Ukraine” have organised the patrols of the border between the Ukraine and the  Transnistrian People’s Republic near “Kuchurgan”.

The joint patrol is tasked to noting down all the registration details of cars with numbers crossing the border with Transnistria, where Russian peacekeepers are placed fearing cross border partisan actions.

“This action is directed primarily to put pressure on the Kremlin troops who are station being in the Transnistrian People’s Republic who constantly lie in their propaganda about the alleged economic blockade of Transnistria by the Ukraine. In fact, no blockade on the part of the Ukraine exists. This is not to mention the persecution of the Transnistrian people by Soviet KGB agents against local citizens who sympathize with the Ukraine”, – stated a commander for the Azov Battalion Odessa.

Simultaneous action will also be held by the group to block the Moldovan-Transnistrian border at the checkpoint “Bender” by the Auto-Madian group which will hold back the Transnistrians who are trying to travel to Moldova due to protest against the current Pro-EU government.


Auto-Maidan activist who crossed the border with Moldova illegally.


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