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Porochenko Bans BBC Journalists for Supporting Terrorism and Seperatism by Calling Ukraine ‘The Ukraine’


Flag of ‘The Ukraine’

The Ukraine 7

President of ‘The Ukraine’ Petro Poroshenko has banned two journalists from the UK government owned BBC from entering ‘The Ukraine’ ahead of hotly contested local elections.

To the shock of many two BBC employees Emma Wells a bureau producer based in Moscow and Moscow Correspondent for BBC News Steve Rosenberg were accused of supporting terrorism and separatism by using the banned term ‘The Ukraine’ instead the officially approved term ‘Ukraine’.
The Ukraine 4

The Guardian reported that;

President Petro Poroshenko has banned two BBC correspondents from Ukraine along with many Russian journalists and public figures.

The long-serving BBC Moscow correspondent Steve Rosenberg and producer Emma Wells have been barred from entering the country, according to a list published on the presidential website on Wednesday. The decree says those listed were banned for one year for being a “threat to national interests” or promoting “terrorist activities”.

Here is an example of some of the BBC’s use of the term ‘The Ukraine’ that has deeply offended President of ‘The Ukraine’ Mr Petro Poroshenko:

The Ukraine 3

The Ukraine 2

The BBC of course reacted angry to accusation by President of ‘The Ukraine’ Petro Poroshenko:

There was of course an angry response on social media by many who regard Porosehenko actions some thing less of a man who proports to be bringing democracy and European Values to ‘The Ukraine’.

Richard Wellings Deputy Editorial Director and Head of Transport at the International Energy Agency tweeting in a personal capacity claimed that it makes sense in the English translation to refer to ‘The Ukraine’ and not Ukraine as that used to be the standard practice.

The Ukraine 5

The Ukraine 6

Such action by President of ‘the Ukraine’ Poroshenko comes amid increasing tension in ‘the Ukraine’ as Poroshenko an economic opportunist and oligarch whose support base is being squeezed between the left and right of politics who a jockeying over upcoming local government elections.

The term ‘The Ukraine’ is considered offense and as an insult to many in the post-maidan government who have banded it use by government under oppressive anti-communist laws which carry a penalty of two years imprisonment for the use of Soviet era symbols of terms of reference. The official name for country during Soviet times was ‘The Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic’ and to the current regime the use of the term ‘The Ukraine’ is seen as expressing support for a return to a socialist government in ‘The Ukraine’. It is doubtful that the BBC journalist were aware of this or aware of the non-violent social media campaign around the use of ‘The Ukraine’ as a means of expressing discontent with the current regime led by Poroshenko.

Poroshenko is becoming increasing worried about the loyalty of his remaining regular as many units are brushing off old Soviet forms and paraphernalia to express discontent in his government. Recently the Sumy Rada posted a video online of a delayed Victory Day parade which featured Soivet Flags as well as local Rada officials, police officers and army offices refusing to sing the National Anthem of ‘Ukraine’ but offering a now banned Soviet style salute instead. The video also featured the locally based Ukraine Army goose stepping Soviet Style carrying flags, their intent maybe a sign of a nostalgic look back at a safer and more prosperous time or it may an attempt at non-violent protest by both the Sumy Rada and locally based force of the Ukraine Army.

Here are the videos:

Whatever lays ahead for the future of Ukraine there needs to be a consensus developed where all of citizens and foreign journalists for that matter aren’t labelled and treated as terrorists slip a simple word like the in front of Ukraine.

For some background info of the use of ‘The Ukraine’ and why it ia an insult to Ukrainian Nationalists see : http://mentalfloss.com/article/32098/why-did-ukraine-become-just-ukraine

The unnamed original author of this post is a Kiev based blogger and democracy activist who favours to use of the term ‘The Ukraine’ and has received death threats for writing post and is wanted by the SBU on charges of subversion for encourage others to insert the word ‘The’ in front of Ukraine in social media posts. The original author may or may not been known for writing ‘The’ on the front of government buildings were Ukraine is written and using the #theukraine on social media posts.



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