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LiveLeak Bans Parody Video Critical of America’s Military Intervention of Ukraine

Despite claiming to be a bastion of free speech LiveLeak has banned a video that parodies America’s invasion of Ukraine by comparing it the popular US movie Team America by a user called Hughestown Pravda based in Pennsylvania.

Hughes 1

In the video the increasing US presence in Ukraine is shown with pieces of footage cut and pasted from several video including one from an official US Navy propaganda video and one from Iranian news outlet PressTV. The song Team America Fuck Yeah was added as a soundtrack to the piece.

Hughes 2

The video was up for less than an hour before it was removed by LiveLeak for breaching its terms of service and the user banned without an official explanation of why the video breached LiveLeaks Terms of Service.

Hughes 3

For those not in the know LiveLeak is a user uploaded website that shot to fame during the first gulf war where video taken on portable cameras were uploaded in real time via the internet. This was a great source of Human Intelligence (HumInt) for the US military but also a source of danger as some of the videos contained video of US soldiers committing war crimes.

The LiveLeak server is based in the US State of Virginia and its terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the State. The primary industry of Virginia is the US defene industry  with 27 military based alone base din the state as well as the CIA’s headquarters in Langley.


One can only presume that LiveLeak didn’t want to endanger its existence by allow a video that parodies the US governments military intervention in Ukraine. LiveLeak was is well known for hosting the beheading and mass videos for the Islamic State but doesn’t seem to be able to extend this type of freedom of speech when it comes to videos that parody US military interventions abroad uploaded to this Virginia based online media outlet.



3 thoughts on “LiveLeak Bans Parody Video Critical of America’s Military Intervention of Ukraine

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