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Introducing ‘Ruslan’ Special Envoy of the Islamic State to Ukraine and Volunteer Battalion Fighter

Our brothers are there,” Khalid said when he heard I was going to Ukraine. “Buy a local SIM card when you get there, send me the number and then wait for someone to call you.” Khalid, who uses a pseudonym, leads the Islamic State’s underground branch in Istanbul. He came from Syria to help control … Continue reading

America Does Not Go Abroad in Search of Monsters to Destroy

On July 4, 1821, Secretary of State John Quincy Adams delivered an historic address on U.S. foreign policy. After reading the full text of the Declaration of Independence, he continued: It is not, let me repeat, fellow citizens, it is not the long enumeration of intolerable wrongs concentrated in this declaration; it is not the … Continue reading

SLTV Documentary Expsoes US Trained Croatian Army Neo-Nazi’s with the Azov Battalion for the Ukraine

SLTV Documentary on US Trained Croatian Army Neo-Nazi’s for the Ukraine for full video see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksdhn2slnyc In this 22m documentary SLTV presents evidence obtained from social media sites on Croatian Army Neo-Nazi’s for with the Azov Battalion in the Russian Civil War in Ukraine.

Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial Attacked by Azov Battalion’s Misanthropic Division in Kiev the Ukraine

Video copied form Azov Battalion social media page On the 13th September 2015 a memorial at the Babi Yar ravine in Kiev was set alight Sunday by members of the Azov Battalion Misanthropic Sivision, the sixth time that the Holocaust massacre site was desecrated this year. Some 33,771 Jews were killed in a two-day massacre … Continue reading

Australia Policy Adviser Blames Obama for Letting Putin Undermine the New World order

Australian government policy adviser Michael Fullilove is the Director of the Lowy Institute think tank which is owned by Australian based Ukrainian Oligarch Frank Lowy. Transcript EMMA ALBERICI, PRESENTER: One of the first things Malcolm Turnbull did on becoming Prime Minister was to foreshadow a shift in policy towards even greater economic ties with Asia. … Continue reading

Novorossia’s Foriegn Legion of Fighters Preview of ABC News Australia Upcoming Feature

In a field in eastern Ukraine, young recruits to the rebel army of the Donetsk People’s Republic are busy attaching photographs of Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko to the backs of empty ammunition boxes. “Our beloved president is a war criminal,” one of them declares, before firing rapidly at the portrait of Mr Poroshenko with his … Continue reading

Azov Battalion and AutoMaidan Sent to Patrol Border with Transnistria People’s Republic

Today in the Odessa gathered members of the Azov Battalion who with members of the AutoMaidan Movement will patrol the border with the Transnistrian People’s Republic. On Monday, September 21, “Civil Case of Odessa Azov” together with the “Union of Transnistrian Citizens of Ukraine” have organised the patrols of the border between the Ukraine and … Continue reading

LiveLeak Bans Users Critical of US Foreign Policy Ahead of Potetnial Russian Operations in Syria

The US government run LiveLeak Social media site based on a military base in McLean Virginia has started blocking URL of users who have been critical of US foreign policy ahead of a potential Russian military operation in Syria against the Islamic State. The US government propaganda war is heating up in Syria and Ukraine … Continue reading

The Ukraine Interior Minister Avakov Says Svoboda Party is Working for Putin

The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov has accused the members of the Svoboda Party of being foreign agents on the payroll of the Kremlin during a press briefing in Cherkassy. “The Svoboda Party is now openly working for the Kremlin. The one who came to the (Rada) rally with a grenade also … Continue reading

Kadyrov Lays Down the Law to Would Be Islamo-Facsists in Chechnya

Chechen Republic Head Ramzan Kadyrov has taken a blunt approach to flushing out pro-ISIL extremist sentiment in his republic, holding direct face-to-face talks with youths suspected of supporting the terror group, Chechen television channel Grozny has reported. At the event, conducted earlier this week, Kadyrov faced down several young men, who he shamed for voicing … Continue reading