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German Court Forces the Foreign Office to Release Secret Report About Risks to Civilian Airliners Flying Over Ukraine in 2014


Written by on 18th August 2015
A few months ago, we sued the German Foreign Ministry to obtain information. We wanted to know why the Office failed to warn the airlines in July 2014 to fly over the eastern Ukraine – before flight MH was shot down 17th The Administrative Court in Berlin has now given us partly right and condemns the Foreign Ministry to disclose important facts

According to research by CORRECT! V the Foreign Office was informed in detail several days before the launch of the passenger plane MH17 which hazards for airplanes existed, to fly over the eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian authorities have informed the ambassadors of Western countries on July 14 in a briefing about the fact that Russian tanks units intervened in the conflict. As a result, there were, according to the Ukrainians to a dramatic escalation in a dogfight. A few hours before the conference, a Ukrainian military plane was shot down in 6200 meters above the eastern Ukraine. For this could be responsible, according to the Ukrainians only Russian missiles or Russian military. The separatists would not have appropriate military equipment. On July 17 flight MH17 was shot. Three days later.

The Foreign Office asserted previously on the Conference on 14 July: “. Interim civilian flights over the eastern Ukraine and their safety were not discussed at the meeting”

This is contradicted by findings, present the CORRECT! V. According to a report by the Dutch diplomat Gerrie Willems the briefing before us – and we’ve published below -, civil aviation, although not explicitly stated, but it spoke in detail about an escalation of aerial combat. This escalation automatically meant a threat to the security of civil aviation. For comparison: When shooting on a heavily traveled highway tanks on military vehicles, one can assume that even private cars can be taken from the howitzers and are at risk accordingly. Something to say otherwise is nonsense. About Eastern Ukraine was a major aviation cross for the entire air transport between Asia and Europe. And up there was shot.

According to our research, the German Ambassador to Ukraine, Christof Weil, passed this information to the Foreign Ministry.

The Administrative Court of Berlin has the Foreign Office now condemned to tell us whether it is true that Ambassador Weil wrote a report. And when the Foreign Ministry has informed the Chancellor’s Office and the Ministry of Defence about the content of the Weil report. In addition, the Foreign Ministry has to say in detail when Foreign Minister Steinmeier has been informed about the escalation of the war.

Next, we have sought to learn the contents of the Weil report. Here underpins the Foreign Ministry – and the court has omitted here in the first instance intended to require transparency the office. We are currently reviewing whether we go here in the second instance.

We want to know whether Ambassador Weil has informed his superiors correctly, or whether he has held back information. We want to read the Weil report.

We want to know why thousands of people were at risk and why a warning has failed to materialize.

Because that would be the duty of the Foreign Office have been: to warn the airlines and for all travelers from the dangers on the Eastern Ukraine.

When shooting from MH17 298 people died.

If you like our work, support us. Litigation costs money.

Original article see: https://goo.gl/KfqBoZ



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