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Swedish Nazi’s Distance Themselves from ‘Jew and Arab Lover’ Terrorist War Criminal Mikael Skillt from Azov Battalion

Michael Skillt: “Jews and Arabs are my brothers”
The editors, 2015-08-13


UKRAINE. In a long and revealing interview, Michael Skillt about their exploits in Ukraine.

Skillt Ukraine

On August 10 published a long interview with the Swede Mikael Skillt who served in the battalion Azov in Ukraine, including trained by the US to fight the rebels in the southeastern parts of the country.

It is the American newspaper the Daily Signal behind the interview. Daily Signal is part of the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation, which is considered one of the most influential think tanks in American politics. Daily Signal, among other things developed analyzes regarding how Russia should be combated and an article from the past few days about how the US should proceed to win a propaganda war against Russia.

Daily Signal together with Mikael Skillt visited the battalion Azov and some of the places where fighting occurred. According to the report has Skillt hero status among Azovs soldiers. These rises when Mikael Skillt enters the room and treat him as an officer or “bow his head reverently” before him.

The story gets Michael Skillt also talk freely about the deeds he accomplished during his tenure as a sniper. Among other things, he tells of his longest-killing shot at 1410 meters. This shot would qualify in eleventh place over the longest fatal shots in the world (the confirmed) since the American Civil War until today. Another war history Skillt talks about is how one night he must have sneaked up to a parked car with sleeping separatists in and cut the throat of the driver and then violated its own knife when he stabbed a fleeing soldier in the eye.

Propaganda story appears also another image of the battalion Azov and Michael Skillt than the spread of some nationalists in Sweden. According Skillt and Daily Signal is no interest by “a third way” to create a truly national Ukraine. Skillt finds that he is no longer a national socialist, and that he sees the Jews, blacks and Arabs as their brethren:

Skillt 2

I am not a Nazi and I do not believe in national socialism. When I came to Ukraine 17 months ago, I was a real shit boot. I had stereotypes about Jews, blacks and Arabs. But I fought with them and now they are like brothers. Previously, certain things black or white, but now I know that nothing is obvious. Good and bad people come in all colors. The world is very gray.

Daily Signal points out further that Michael Skillt collaborated with the Israeli and the US government, as well as the Swedish, in the war against the rebels.

The battalion Azov would be overwhelming National Socialist is the newspaper incorrectly. The symbol battalion uses, according to the soldiers who talked to the Daily Signal not a NS symbol but a symbol that stands for the idea of ​​a nation. The newspaper said the information they received only a minority within the battalion Azov national but that these very visible because they have tattoos with hakkors- and SS symbols.

Battalion Soldiers disagree. They say that their symbol stands for “the idea of ​​a nation”, which is derived to Ukrainian nationalism. In the Ukrainian language is “the idea of ​​a nation” phonetically pronounced “ideya natsiyi”, which sometimes led to what the soldiers claim is misguided Nazi comparisons based on mistranslation.

Within the battalion Azov is however a minority of soldiers with extreme right-wing, neo-Nazi beliefs. And these do little to hide their faith.


But the overwhelming majority of Azovs soldiers say they are fighting for Ukraine’s independence and to beat back what they call a “Russian invasion” of their country. Those with right-wing views are living and fighting side by side with soldiers from 22 countries and diverse backgrounds, including Arabs, Russians and Americans – as well as Christians, Muslims and Jews.

Daily Signal renders further Skillt when he says that he is a nationalist and that nationalism is about to fight for a Ukrainian statehood that is independent from Russia. Parts of it as Skillt the front reminiscent of Magnus Söderman’s theory of a “third way” while others do not. Magnus Bay is the founder of the project “Swedish Ukraine Volunteers”, one of the leading figures in the Radio Antidote and Mikael Skillts close friend who recently last week went out to defend him when two people who claimed to be veterans of the war in Ukraine gave another picture of Michael Skillt than that now mediated by the Daily Alert.

The so-called third way is to jew and American involvement in Ukrainian politics to be combated by national forces in Ukraine, but only after the civil war against the pro-Russian separatists in the eastern parts of the country, won by the Ukrainian army. Skillt seems to now have a different view on this third way destination. He conveys in the current interview rather the impression that the Azov may have some soldiers with national views but that the battalion as a whole is not a national entity that intends to turn against the EU, NATO and pro-US coup regime to the separatists in eastern Ukraine nedkämpats.

It is Russia that is the enemy, and the big problem according to Michael Skillt.

Ukraine has the opportunity to build something good. If only Russia could leave it alone.

Finally is a big part of the story of how the born-again Skillt previously lived a bad life, but he bailed out by the war with Russia. Among other things, it is claimed in the article that Skillt when he was active National Socialist in Sweden “went in and out of prison”, although he is only on one occasion was serving a very short prison sentences reportedly addition should have been in open prison.

Michael Skillt states that he has matured since he came to Ukraine. Before that he was an idiot who had stereotypical prejudices about the Jews, Arabs and blacks who now are his brothers.

I realized that I was not a National Socialist. Many of the people in the national movement were idiots who could not behave properly. We attracted a lot of idiots.





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