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Ukraine Warlord Ihor Kolomoisky on Verge of Bankruptcy as Privatbank Defaults on US Loans

Whilst Ukraine Warlord and Oligarch Igor Kolomoisky has been morally bankrupt for some time now he now appears on the verge of financial bankruptcy after a recent failure to meet a recent payment schedule to a US government linked financial institution that specialises in funding wars for resources. It has been known for quite sometime … Continue reading

Peace Song for The Former Ukraine SSR – IMAGINE

Imagine what PEACE would look like in The Former Ukraine SSR!

German Court Forces the Foreign Office to Release Secret Report About Risks to Civilian Airliners Flying Over Ukraine in 2014

Written by David Schraven on 18th August 2015 A few months ago, we sued the German Foreign Ministry to obtain information. We wanted to know why the Office failed to warn the airlines in July 2014 to fly over the eastern Ukraine – before flight MH was shot down 17th The Administrative Court in Berlin … Continue reading

Anti-Fascist Rally in Moscow

Swedish Azov Battallion Nazi Call for the Detruction of Mosques in Sweden in 2011

Swedish Nazi’s Distance Themselves from ‘Jew and Arab Lover’ Terrorist War Criminal Mikael Skillt from Azov Battalion

Michael Skillt: “Jews and Arabs are my brothers” The editors, 2015-08-13 redaktionen@nordfront.se 129 UKRAINE. In a long and revealing interview, Michael Skillt about their exploits in Ukraine. Skillt Ukraine On August 10 published a long interview with the Swede Mikael Skillt who served in the battalion Azov in Ukraine, including trained by the US to … Continue reading

Ukraine Salvation Committee Set To End War and Reunite Ukraine Before Years End

Ukraine‚Äôs former prime minister Mykola Azarov has announced Monday establishing Ukraine Salvation Committee. “We state that Committees of Salvation of Ukraine have been established and are working in Ukraine,” Azarov told a press conference in Moscow. “We ask all citizens, political parties, labor union and social movements to unite and restore order in our home … Continue reading