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Right Sector Thugs and Ukraine Police Attack ‘Patriots of Ukraine’ protest Against Corrupt Prosecutor in Zaporozhye 21st July 2015

At the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Zaporozhye  “Right Sector” thugs in conjunction with police attacked a peacefull rally organized by “The Patriotic Forces of Ukraine”.

“The Patriotic Forces of Ukraine”  rallied at the prosecutor’s office and led several hundred local youth and built a set the gallows hang an effigy of the corrupt regional prosecutor Shatsky. The effigy they were going to hang and then burn, but the action was delayed because of the search for a fire extinguisher.

At this time a few dozen men in Right Sector thugs in camouflage National Guard uniforms adorned with fascist badges and flags of the”Right Sector”. They tried to catch protesters as well as the organizers but the teenagers managed to escape. The “Right Sector” on the orders Shatsky  broke the gallows and took up the space in front of the prosecutor’s office until local militia fighters spetspodrazdeley arrived with shields and helmets to protect the office of Shatsky.

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