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Bellingcat Fakery Exposed Through Lies about MH17 Shown Through 5 Different Trucks

Luhansk  Paris-Match  TorezZuhresSeparatist-and-low-loaderMakiivka

The five trucks that the GCHQ’s Bellingcat says are the same truck. The first four he claims are the same truck on the same day as the MH17 flight was shot down but they are obviously different trucks. The final two photos are what he claims is the same truck used on different occasion by the DNR forces.

Major points of difference are:

1. The position of the BUK in relation to the back wheels of the cab section of the truck.

2. The panels on the back of the truck

3. The exhaust systems of the trucks

4. The colour of the trailers on the trucks

5. Paris Match didnt take the photo as he claims its a still from a Youtube video

Obviously he is just a liar and fool engaged in a propaganda campaign. Nothing more needs to be said about this GCHQ stooge.


For more evidence showing how Bellingcat photoshopped photos see http://fakemh17photo.blogspot.com.au/

See also: Hide, It’s RT! Amateur Journo Behind Bellingcat So Informed on Russian Targets, He Ducks Interview https://www.rt.com/news/318067-bellingcat-higgins-evades-rt/

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