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Anti-Russian Ukraine MPs Top Users of Russian Facebook


Facebook Russia Top 20 Users

  1. Boris Filitov Ukraine MP for Dnipropetrovsk Oligarch Shopping Centre Owner Israeli Citizen
  2. Anatoli Shary Netherlands Ukrainian IT Company CEO Based in the Netherlands
  3. Alfred Koch Russia Former Deputy PM under Yeltsin
  4. Anton Gerashenko Ukrainian MP Neo-Nazi ATO Propaganda Spokesman
  5. Semen Semenchenko Ukrainian MP and Neo-Nazi Battalion Leader
  6. Roman Shrike Ukrainian Pro-Western Blogger ?
  7. Viktor Shenderovich Russia US Funded Propagandist for Radio Liberty
  8. Rustem Adagamov Czech Pro-US Russian Blooger that uses the name “Drugoi”
  9. Slava Rabinovich Russia Founder of Diamond Age Capital Advisers
  10. Arkady Babchenko Russia Former Solioder and Pro-US Activist
  11. Anton Krasovsky Russia Political Journalist Kontr TV and Gay Rights Activist
  12. Vitaly Portnikov Ukraine President and Editor of TVi Owned by former US Agent Oleksandr Altman
  13. Konstantin Borovoy Russia Pro-US Politician
  14. Dmitry Tymchuk Ukraine MP and Pro ATO Neo-Nazi Blogger of Madain Translations
  15. Alex Mochanov Ukraine Russian Educated Race Car Driver, Country and Western Singer and Neo-Nazi Battalion Fighter
  16. Borislav Bereza Ukraine Right Sector MP Leader of Party in Rada
  17. Andrei Makarevich Russia Soviet Era Musician and Performer Anti-Fascist Activist
  18. Yuri Butusov Ukraine Pro-US Journalist
  19. Matthew Ganapolsky Russia Ukraine TV Comedian in Russia
  20. Misha Kozyrev Russia Radio Talk Show Personality




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