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National Guard Abduct Anti-Junta Activists from Train Near Uzhgorod 28 July 2015

Ukraine National Guard from Kiev abduct anti-junta activists without warrant from a train bound for Kiev on the orders of new Poroshenko appointed governor Gennady Moskal. Advertisements

Right Sector Occupied Building in Rakoshyno Set on Fire 28 July 2015

A building occupied by neo-fascist Right Sector in Rakoshyno Transcarpathian Peoples Republic was set on fire 28 July 2015 by unknown persons.

Secret Video Footage of Pro-Russian Rebels Downing MH17 Never Seen Before!

Ukraine Church Leaders Say Poroshenko’s Attempts to Bring in EU/US Style Gay Marraige Laws Unacceptable

A letter to the Ukrainian president said the constitutional ammendment would ‘seriously threaten’ family life Ukrainian Church leaders condemned plans to permit same-sex partnerships under a series of constitutional reforms. The Ukrainian parliament has been debating the issue of same-sex partnerships while plans call for adopting the amendments in autumn. The All-Ukrainian Council of Churches … Continue reading

Right Sector Thugs and Ukraine Police Attack ‘Patriots of Ukraine’ protest Against Corrupt Prosecutor in Zaporozhye 21st July 2015

At the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Zaporozhye  “Right Sector” thugs in conjunction with police attacked a peacefull rally organized by “The Patriotic Forces of Ukraine”. “The Patriotic Forces of Ukraine”  rallied at the prosecutor’s office and led several hundred local youth and built a set the gallows hang an effigy of the corrupt regional prosecutor … Continue reading

Saakashvili Shows Off House Taken from Kiev Based Odessa Mafia Oligarch

Ukraine Should Beware the Azov Extremists by Josh Cohen

Although Ukraine’s revolution was overwhelmingly driven by liberal Ukrainians seeking to join Europe, the Maidan movement has included some troubling elements: a small but vocal collection of extreme Ukrainian nationalists. The United States has largely overlooked this to date — but that recently changed. The U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed an amendment to the U.S. military budget prohibiting training and support for the extremist paramilitary Azov battalion. Congressman … Continue reading

NATO’s Australian MH17 Ballistics Expert Dr Stephan Fruehling Proved to Be a Fake

Out of the so called experts that have been repetitively used in western media to prove that ‘Russian Separatists’ shot down MH17 one of them has jumped out at me the so called ‘Australian Ballistics Expert’ Dr Stephan Fruehling from the SDSC at the Australian National University. I remember Dr Fruehling from my time studying … Continue reading

Bellingcat Fakery Exposed Through Lies about MH17 Shown Through 5 Different Trucks

    The five trucks that the GCHQ’s Bellingcat says are the same truck. The first four he claims are the same truck on the same day as the MH17 flight was shot down but they are obviously different trucks. The final two photos are what he claims is the same truck used on different … Continue reading

Ukraine Border Guards Detain Two Islamic State Jihadists from Syria in Odessa

Ukrainian Border guards of the Odessa State Border Service Detachment arrested two Islamic State Jihadist from Syria, who were hiding in the trailer of a truck after arriving in Ukraine via a fishing boat. “Yesterday, the border guards have detained two unidentified Iyichevck fishing port. The men arrived in Ukraine on the boat, hiding in … Continue reading