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List of Names of Those Arrested in Anti-Terror Operation in Kumanovo Macedonia


In the list of attackers are Kosovars, Macedonians, and one citizen from Germany and Albania

Macedonian police announced a list of 28 names of persons who were in cud Ndrecjeva named Commander of NATO, and about which the Serbian Blic already written.

On the list of 16 people from Kosovo and Metohija, and in Macedonian citizens, there are an Albanian and a German citizen. List of fully možetre look HERE.

Macedonian media, however, are being seen as the terrorist group was planning an attack in which a large number of civilians killed.

They were arrested in fact, admitted that they were planning to blow up the stone bridge in Skopje, bringing vecer.mk.

This horrific attack was planned for mid-May, and the bridge is supposed to be hit and the police, courts and hospitals.


“Blic” conveys the full list of detainees, including 16 people from Kosovo and Metohija, and in addition to Macedonian citizens, there are an Albanian and a German citizen.

1st Muhamed Krasniqi “Malisheva” (Kosovo)
Second Fadil Fejzullahu (Kumanovo)
3rd Dem Shehu “Junik” (Kosovo)
4th Sami Uskini “Sokoli” (Kosovo)
5th Irfan Lutfiu (Kumanovo)
6th Arsim Bajrami (Vaksince)
7th Fadil Elshani (Kosovo)
8th Esat Kafedžoli (Kosovo)
9th Ardian Bujari (Kosovo)
10th Kenan Eljmi (Kumanovo)
11th Šefket AVAC (Kosovo)
12th Lirim Demiri (Kumanovo)
13th Ajrus Avdi (Kosovo)
14th Betim Card Players (Kosovo)
15th Genci Head (Albania)
16th Lendrit Rustemi (Kosovo)
17th Enver Klein (Germany)
18th Rufki Dogani (Kosovo)
19th Nasuf Beqiri (Aracinovo)
20th Valdet Zekaj (Kosovo)
21st Eid Elshani (Kosovo)
22nd Nedžmedin Lika (Tetovo)
23rd Lirim Krasniqi (Kosovo)
24th Sevdail Miftari (Kumanovo)
25th Fatmir Recica (Kosovo)
26th Beg Bajra – Naser Bajraliu (Kosovo)
27th Fejzula Rušitovski (Brest)
28th Besnik Ajdini (Kumanovo)

Mekedonski media write today that the terrorist group responsible for the attacks in Kumanovo, was about the terrible terrorist attacks in which many civilians were killed.

The arrested terrorists revealed that one of the plans of the attack was the lifting of the stone bridge in Skopje in the air, according vecer.mk.

The attack was to take place in mid-May, and in addition to the bridge planned attacks on police, court and hospital. The attack killed a large number of civilians and police officers.



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