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What Does the Russian Civil War in Ukraine Mean for the Future of Putin’s Presidency Op-Ed


You think Putin just because he is President is in control of the state and Army, I pitty the fool that falls for such propaganda. Here is  quick history lesson for you fool. Soviet power structures worked like this it was called democratic centralism. You had the Communist Party branches that elected representitives to the Party Congress, the Party Congress elected memebers to the Central Committee, the Central Committee elected members to the Political Bureau was made the day to day decisions and elected the General Secretary who was also the Commander in Chief of the Party’s Army the Soviet Red Army. The Central Committee also ran the national consultative committee called the Supreme Soviet the Army however was subject to the control of the Central Committee how appointed to General Staff not the Supreme Soviet i.e. Parliament.

The parliament enacted the decisions of the Central Committee and ran the day to day operations of the state usually the General Secretary of the Party was also the Premier but not always, but the leader of the Soviet Union was always the General Secretary of Party not the Premier. the NKVD or later known as KGB was run by the state through parliament under the watch of the Central Committee. The leading branch of the CPSU was the Ukrainian Branch because the Ukraine was where the mining, steel making industries, defense manufacturing and half the Party’s Army was based. It is why is the post Stalin era all but two General Secretaries of the Party and usually Premiers were from Ukraine including Gorbachov. The power base in Ukraine for the Party was in three interesting places Luhansk, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Crimea because of the mining, manufacturing, military industry and because of the large Navy base in Crimea. This is why they broke of parts of Russia and put them into the power strongholds in Urkaine.Fast forward to today these areas are still strongholds of the Communist Party.

The fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 was a result of the infiltration of the Party by the KGB and it putting in place Gorbachov as General Secretary which resulted in a change of power structure where the Party and its army were subjugated to the rule of the state and of the newly installed position of President of Russia. Ukraine in the mean time has not moved forward as former party officials including Poroshenko have fought over the control of state assets and with Russia, European and US interfering in election process including in 1994 where they worked together to get Kuchma elected. In that election 27m votes were cast but 35m counted. So in Russia the KGB now renamed FSB kept control of the state processes and appointed Putin after Yelstin lost control of his faculties. Putin is answerable to the FSB for his power not the other way round.

What is interesting in the Russian Civil War in Ukraine is that Putin is telling the truth about not sending in troops into Crimea and into Donetsk and Luhansk because many in the Army still consider it to be the Army of the Party and not of the state just many in Ukraine still do. What should be more troubling to people like you is that Putin is not a dictator and if he didnt send in the Army into Crimea and he is telling the truth that he didnt send in Army suplies into Donetsk and Luhansk and he didnt order the reuse of Soviet Symbols and regalia by the Army. It means that if there thousands of soliders from the Russian Army as reported in some media in the Donbass they are either deserters who have stolen military equipment or that the Army has sent them in against the expressed wishes of the government, meaning they are reverting to a Soviet when he said he didn’t send soldiers into Crimea or that they were sent in by the Army took control after referendum and then the Russian government followed the lead of the Army meaning they have accepted this reversion to a Soviet power structure or that their is conflict going on for power in Russia between the Army and the FSB with a similar contest going on in Ukraine between the SBU and the General Staff of the Army.

So in other words dont be surprised when the Ukraine matter is resolved in the affirmative for its Russian speaking population that there isnt a move made on Putin which is why he might be trying to drag out the conflict in Ukraine because he knows he has lost control of the Army.



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