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Right Sector Members Protests Against Poroshenko Crackdown on Fascist Militia after Online Death Threats

Non military members of Ukrainian far right group the Right Sector have protested in Kiev after the Ukraine Army blockaded the base in Eastern Ukraine demanding they disarm. The attempt to disarm the Right Sector fighters came after US troops arrived in Lvov to train Ukraine Army recruits to help disarm rogue volunteer battalions. In … Continue reading

Azov Battalion Sniper Mikael Skillt Explains How Battalion Was Formed Under Yanokovich to Fight ISIS

Swedish Volunteer Mikael Skillt has explained in an interview with an Italian TV Station how the Azov Battalion was formed under Ukraine President Victor Yanokovich as a fighting force to go fight under Syrian President Bashar al-Assad against the Islamic State when the hostilities broke out in Kiev that led to the coup. Now the … Continue reading

German TV Documentary Exposes The Ukraine Volunteer Battalions Links to Arms Smuggling, Organised Crime and The Islamic State

In Midst of War, Ukraine Becomes Gateway for Jihad By Marcin Mamon The Intercept “OUR BROTHERS ARE there,” Khalid said when he heard I was going to Ukraine. “Buy a local SIM card when you get there, send me the number and then wait for someone to call you.” Khalid, who uses a pseudonym, leads … Continue reading

Australian Based Ukrainian Oligrach Linked to CIA Sponsored Weapons Shipments to ISIS

Australian Based Ukrainian Oligrach Linked to CIA Sponsored Weapons Shipments to ISIS under the Yanokovich regime and was sold to both sides in Syria and Libya http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/ukrainian-port-eyed-as-analysts-seek-syrias-arms-source/2013/09/07/f61b0082-1710-11e3-a2ec-b47e45e6f8ef_story.html The company is owned by Australian based Jewish oligrach Boris Kogan who has a record of shipping arms on behalf of the Untied States http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/kaalbye-shipping-international-urges-further-corrections-to-inaccurate-reports-that-falsely-accuse-the-shipping-company-of-transporting-cargo-to-syria-and-disabling-ship-transponder-equipment-252696271.html and also sex slave … Continue reading

Russian Terrorist Adam Osmayev Chief Suspect in Executions of Ukraine Opposition Politicians Oleg Kalashnikov and Sergey Melnichuk

Adam Osmayev one if a number of Имарат Кавказ Imarat Kavkaz Chechen Emirate under arrest by the Ukraine SBU in 2012 for plotting to assassinate Russian Presidnet Vladimir Putin under the orders of Dokka Umarov. For more on this story see http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2107026/Vladimir-Putin-assassination-plot-Chechen-rebel-Adam-Osmayev-captured.html The Ukrainian SBU is investigating wanted Russian Terrorist Adam Osmayev leader of the … Continue reading

Ukraine Conflict being Used for Islamic State Recruitment by Chechens Fighting for Pro-US Regime

A group of approximately 5 Crimean Tartar’s who are former volunteer battalion member in Ukraine have been recruited for to fight the Islamic State whilst fighting with pro-US Chechen Sheikh Mansour Volunteer Battalion. They have called themselves the Taliban Fi Bilad a-Sham or Crimean Emirate and thought to b fighting for an Islamic State under … Continue reading

What Does the Russian Civil War in Ukraine Mean for the Future of Putin’s Presidency Op-Ed

You think Putin just because he is President is in control of the state and Army, I pitty the fool that falls for such propaganda. Here is  quick history lesson for you fool. Soviet power structures worked like this it was called democratic centralism. You had the Communist Party branches that elected representitives to the … Continue reading