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Hospital in Dnipropetrovsk Admits over 90 Cyborgs as Patients in Last Three Days

At least one hospital in Dnipropetrovsk has admitted over 90 members of the Cyborg Unit damaged in fighting at Donetsk Hopsital at least 16 other hospitals from Kharkiv to Mariupol have also admitted patients with numbers expected in the hundreds.
Three days before the city hospitals constantly shuttled “fast”. For the wounded were unable to fire place. “Heaviest” immediately transported to the regional hospital – Operating worked there around the clock.

“In serious condition, four-in critical. Fourteen soldiers had to do surgery for health reasons”, – says Sergey Ryzhenko, chief physician of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Hospital

Sergey – in resuscitation. He has multiple shrapnel wounds from the heavy artillery – the same one that appeared in the Russian fighters after the last “humkonvoyu.”

“We should not miss a single” humkonvoyu “from Russia to block border by any means. It’s not just my opinion – this is the view of every soldier,” – said Sergei, a wounded soldier.

In the military hospital operating and working non-stop.

“The bulk – a missile wounds of soft tissue and gunshot fractures,” – says Oleg Polyakov, head of the medical service of Dnipropetrovsk military hospital.

Several “cyborgs” brought with symptoms of poisoning. They say that in the last days the militants used against them gas grenades.

“Four days have tanks freaking them struck the wall, after which the enemy was able to get to the upper floors of the terminal. They pelted from above – the first time was the first tear gas, then gas is clearly nerve action that causes vomiting, seizures,” – said John 80 fighter brigade.

Guys say: in the airport zone against Ukrainian military fighting mostly so-called “Kadyrov”. Attacks – very serious.
But that the surrender or retreat, not even in question – so minded “cyborgs”.

“Stood, hot season and has already said goodbye to each other, pryzhymalysya shoulder each other. But still think we should not give up. Must withstand,” – said Basil, 80 fighter brigade.

The wounded comrades zidzvonyuyutsya always at the forefront – learn the latest news.

Natalia Gryshchenko Yehen Kodentsov, news channel “Inter”.



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