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Ukraine Military Conflict Maps Show Major Losses for Ukraine Army with Seperatists Pushing Conflict North

Black lines represent conflict fronts. Notice how between the 6th and 11th of August the major conflict zones as indicated by black line have shifted from the south to the north. Also notice around Lughansk an increase in activity and the shifting of fighting away from the city and into the rural areas.

The purple circles indicate areas where Kiev claims to have between 3500 to 4000 troops now offically listed as ‘missing in action’ despite reports from seperatists that they have either crossed the border with Russia, defected to fighting with the seperatists, been killed or surrendered handing over their weapons and allowed to leave the conflict zone.

The black circiles represent the emerging boiler zones where seperatists are gaining ground and attempting to encircle pro-Kiev forces and force more humiliating surrenders.

The black arrows show seperatist movements movements notice the shifting of conflict to the north of Lughansk as seperatists from the Kharkiv Republic have made their way south travelling along teh Russian border and are now encircling Kiev forces north of Lughnask.

Blue Arrows points to locations of troops claimed by Kiev but disputed by Donetsk, notice the disappearence of two major columns of troops indicated by blue arrows between the 10th and 11th.

So theirfore the main fronts in the conflict have now shifted form being in the in the south of Lughansk and Donetsk to now being further north. whilst the conflict has been brought closer to teh city of Donetsk several attmepts to storm the city have been prevented. To add to this whilst on the 6th of August Lughansk was practically surrounded but with the defeat and defectionof several thosuand soliders as of the 11th of August serious gains have been made in shifting the conflict away from the city into the countryside as self defence militia’s have marched north.

To add to this the area south of Donetsk whilst still seeing some fighting has ceased to be the centre of the conflict s the battle had moved north after the returning home of many of the combatants in this region.

6th August

06th August shows major conflict zone to the north and south of Donetsk indicated by black line. Also shows three major groupings of Ukraine troops along the borders with Russia as indicated by blue arrows.

09 Aug

8th August shows Ukraine Army push to take control area south of Lughansk city and an expansion ont eh conflict to the north of Doentsk city and a partial withdrawl to the south of Donetsk.

10 Aug

10th August shows the disapperacne of two large groups of Ukraine force on the eatern region of the conflict zone. A bid by the Ukraine forces to circle around the MH17 crash zone and their withdrawal from the area south of Lughansk.

11 Aug True map

11th August shows a push away from Lughansk cityto the north and west with separetists force attack from the. It also shows seperatist have pushed teh Ukriane military awayform behin dthe MH17 crash zone and towards Doentsk cityas well they have also been pushed away from Doentsk city towards the north. There is also indication that more Ukrainian troops may be getting trapped around Lughansk city as separtist force move north from the Russian border after drafeating two major groupings of Ukraine forces.


Odessa Border Guads Allowed to Go Home after Surrendering and Destorying their Equipment
10 August 2014
Border guards have arrived back in Odessa after seperatists in their mercy let them walk free after they destroyed their equipment in the Boiler near Saur Memorial grave.Officer Yuri Butusov from the Odessa border guard reported that their group of Ukraine Military forces and borders gurads headed by Major Michael Drapaty of the 72th mechanized brigade had sustained severe loses before their surrender to seperatist forces.Butusov reports in a facebook post that loses of the team were 410 fighters 72th Brigade, more than 500 soldiers of the 24th Brigade. I have no information on the number 79th. Out small groups of 51 Brigade, 3rd Special Forces Regiment with 6 Odessa Border Guards killed and 20 injured. The forces surendered after being contacted by the seperatists who offered “The guards-desatniki, you are surrounded, we offer dry clothes, hot tea and our hospitality.”LiveLeak-dot-com-d53_1407735298-10402468_1453850734879718_84440885873233_1407736535.jpg.resizedButusov also reported that the 30th and 51th mechanized, 25th Airborne, 95th Airmobile Brigade were still trapped and were refusing to surrender and go home to their families. He also commended the bravery of the surrender of the Ukrainian forces stating ‘ They do not pass their weapons to the enemy. They destroyed everything in sight problems and had to leave the battle damage on the positions and could not be evacuated.’

Ukraine Army 79th Airmobile Brigade Beat a Retreat Through Melitopol 08th August 2014

79th Airbourne Regiment Disobeys Orders Returns To Base in Mykolaiv 09 Aug 2014




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