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Poroshenko Orders Investigation Into 3500+ MIA’s in Donetsk Republic

Survivors from the Odessa Border Guards who arrived home on the 10 AUg 2014 after being let go by seperatists in a humanartarian gesture after destroying their arms

Border guards have arrived back in Odessa after seperatists in their mercy let them walk free after they destroyed their equipment in the Boiler near Saur Memorial grave.

Officer Yuri Butusov from the Odessa border guard reported that their group of Ukraine Military forces and borders gurads headed by Major Michael Drapaty of the 72th mechanized brigade had sustained severe loses before their surrender to seperatist forces.

Butusov reports in a facebook post that loses of the team were 410 fighters 72th Brigade, more than 500 soldiers of the 24th Brigade. I have no information on the number 79th. Out small groups of 51 Brigade, 3rd Special Forces Regiment with 6 Odessa Border Guards killed and 20 injured. The forces surendered after being contacted by the seperatists who offered “The guards-desatniki, you are surrounded, we offer dry clothes, hot tea and our hospitality.”

Butusov also reported that the 30th and 51th mechanized, 25th Airborne, 95th Airmobile Brigade were still trapped and were refusing to surrender and go home to their families. He also commended the bravery of the surrender of the Ukrainian forces stating ‘ They do not pass their weapons to the enemy. They destroyed everything in sight problems and had to leave the battle damage on the positions and could not be evacuated.’


Poroshenko Instructed to Investigate the Failure of a Special Operation on the Border with the Russian Federation

Saturday, August 9, 2014
Ukrainian National News
Tonya Tumanova

KIEV. On 9 August. UNN. President Poroshenko appointed investigating the power failure of the special operation to regain control of the Ukrainian-Russian border, told RIA Novosti, a senior source in the Defense Ministry of Ukraine, reports UNN .

“Currently, as directed by the President Poroshenko appointed to investigate all the circumstances the failure of the operation. All documents relating to its plan to regain control of the Ukrainian-Russian border forces of 72, 24, 51 mechanized and 79 airmobile brigade and the 3rd Special Forces Regiment GUR ( Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff) has withdrawn the SBU. Go interrogations of principal officers of the General Staff and the operational management of staff ATO. And all this fake cover the criminal case of the purchase of defective body armor, “- said the source, who goes on this case.

It is reported that 3.5 thousand troops of Ukraine, previously blocked at the border of the Donetsk region and Russia, are unaccounted for, but they could have been killed. According to a source of hope that someone from those who had been put into the environment, 72, 24, 51 mechanized and 79 airmobile brigade and the 3rd Regiment Special Forces Chief of General Staff Intelligence survived almost gone. Over the last two weeks of the environment came only four groups of 7 to 18 people.

“But the main author of the idea for lightning-fast recovery of control Russian border forces of our most combat-ready troops – Parubiya – was taken out of the game. As usual policy will be in the side,” – said a source in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine Andriy Paruby said on August 7 that resigned. He noted that “during the war” to comment on the resignation considers unacceptable and will continue to engage the help of the front, “primarily volunteer battalions.” For his part, presidential spokesman Svyatoslav Tsegolko said that Poroshenko Parubiya accepted the resignation, but he will remain in the team.


Videos showing the 79th Airborne returning to base after surrendering their arms to seperatists



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