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Angry Residents in Melitopol Blockade Ukraine Military Recruitment Convoy

After scattered protests villagers Voznesenka, Mordvinovka and Constantinovka together and August 7, blocked the “Odessa-Melitopol-Novoazovsk”, that is the road to the sea. There was a kilometer long traffic jam .

Only in the evening, police managed to persuade the part and the part of the push back protesters, most of whom were women.

Arrived at the protesters military commissar of Melitopol district, said that most of the several hundred men who had come to the draft board, refuses to do so.

Below is a report RIA “Melitopol”:

“At 9.00 in the village Constantinovka women blocked the road, demanding to cancel the mobilization. They called deputies at all levels to send their children to the zone ATO and not take away from their mothers and wives of rural boys. When the protesters saw the cars allowed on the bypass road, they decided to shut traffic on the bridge and Constantine began to demand the immediate arrival of the military commissar. Campaign began with the participation of 30 protesters.

Later residents Konstantinovka joined women from the neighboring villages: Mordvinovki, Voznesenka, Girsovki. All of them criticized the Ukrainian government, which can not stop the war in the east through peaceful negotiations.

“Yes, shoot them on you …” – shouted the driver representative recruiting office, standing on the covered women track “Odessa – Melitopol-Novoazovsk.”

– If you can not our government to negotiate the peace table ’em back to hell! – Shouted one of the protesters.

– From our salaries they want to calculate 1.5 percent. Let them donate their millions to the hospital and everything else – the perturbing effect of the power of another activist.

When the people came representatives of the recruiting office, people surrounded them, and in the literal sense of the word bombarded with questions. One of the women expressed a common position protesters:

– We want our men did not send their agenda. That’s where in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, they all started, albeit loose their city. Why there our urge? Somebody out there to fight?

Commander of the department of communication and information-Melitopol Veselovskogo joint military commissariat Alexey Petrov began to explain to women that there is a war zone ATO terrorists and Russian mercenaries. But in the crowd immediately found Putin’s supporters:

– You say that in the Donetsk and Lugansk region fighting Putin’s regime – there are no troops Putin and Russian tanks do not. I have a sister in Gorlovka. There Russian planes do not fly. There are locals and miners. No there is Putin’s soldiers, – assured the activist meeting.

At this point, the guy offered to representatives of the recruiting office to leave the zone ATO and women to take their place.

– Are you in the army? – Asked a Protestant squad leader communications and information.

– Served as a year of military service in the Crimea, – came the reply.

– Then agree with me tomorrow? – Proposed Alexey Petrov.

– Only after the entire recruitment office will go there, – said the rally. At this point, between the debaters woman stood up and shouted hysterically: “Do not let you go!”

Passions ran high, when one of the drivers came into the crowd of women and tried to convince them that someone needs to defend the motherland. Convince not work, women choir “were shot” from a dissident, then turned to the debater representatives recruiting office and in the hearts of blurted out, “Yes, shoot them on you …!” And then frantically waved his hand and walked away from the crowd.

And the protesters an hour to let off steam, while they were not informed that the Governor Valery Baranov collects emergency meeting, and their request to cancel the mobilization will be given him. “



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