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Lastest Conflict Map in Donetsk and Lughansk Peoples Republics Except for Areas Controlled By ‘The Third Force’


Map is mostly correct except it doesnt show the circut controlled by ‘the third force’ sometimes refered to as teh D.O.L.G. forces through Komsomolskye, Telmanove, Kuznetsovo, Lysyche, Starobesheve and Amrosviika.

Please report any corrections for next production.

Dmitri Yarosh has been reported by radio chater to have shratnel injures to the leg and to have been calling Ukraine Army for assistance which asked for his position and when given 5 minutes later that position was shelled by Rebels. He is thoguht to be with the 72nd found in the south of the map.

Maidan snipper Mikael Skillt is thought to be stuck with Svoboda leader and fellow Maidan executioner Andriy Parubiy in the white bubble on the far right of the map where fighting si under way in Dmytrivka. Russian VDV forces still on their side of the border with Donetsk Republic forces led by Motorolla are said to this Battalion Azov recon unit surrounded and are looking to take these criminal aliv for trial on charges of murdering both police and protesters at Maidan in Feburary.

See link for HR image http://cs616723.vk.me/v616723964/1993d/VaKsqO4LzTI.jpg



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