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Russia’s Return of Defecting Soliders a Refund or a Trojan Horse?

Author: VooDoo on Today 04.08.2008

I must admit, when I learned that surrendering Ukrainian soldiers returned with Russia back to the territory of Ukraine, I just covered the rage. There killed our brothers, and we contribute to it with their own hands. But when emotions subsided slightly and I began to examine the situation from different angles, I realized that it was a gift Ukraine – a Trojan horse.

In support of his thoughts, I met an article where given a fairly complete analysis of what happened. I believe that this article has not addressed all the positive aspects of the actions of the Russian authorities.

About the “prisoners”

Short explanation about the Ukrainian soldiers crossing the border with Russia and then sent back to the Ukraine.

Hysterics about it a lot amused, by virtue of the fact that it is about this script I wrote a couple of days ago.

1 For those who do not understand, explain for the second time – the right to freely exit the territory of Ukraine, this is what the encircled required command. The position of the militia was so – every soldier coming to the border of the Russian Federation and delivers the weapon should have the right to choose whether to stay in his Russian or return to Ukraine. Of the latter, 438 surrendered, he moved to Ukraine 180 http://www.interfax.ru/world/389416.

That is not difficult to guess, the junta was forced to accept the militias. For the deaf and those with poor vision, these conditions put themselves militias. It demanded that the representatives of the militia officers of the junta to hand over equipment and give soldiers the right to choose. Is it necessary to do differently, collect militias and forth on the Donbass, there is a long catastrophic shortage of people with the skills of staff work and operational planning.

2 to leave the Ukraine, provide a formal word http://lifenews.ru/news/137841 not engage in further hostilities. Of course not all of it and will keep someone we can again see the Donbas, but since the personal data of the people removed, then when hit in captivity, they can not rely on some kind of leniency.

The very same team, completely destroyed – it has lost most of the personnel (killed, wounded, captured, deserted), lost all of all equipment, weapons, and various equipment. In its current form, it can be deployed up to a battalion, and the need for this equipment, personnel recruitment, to replace the retired commanders and so on and so forth. You can guarantee that if 72 Brigade and will remain on paper, in the next 1.5-2 months we have it at the front will not see. Organizationally, it ceased to exist. To restore it to a combat ready status will take time.

3 Those who chose Russian, provide opportunities for temporary asylum in the territory of one of the many refugee camps in the Rostov region. This situation is very important for the militias, as it is convenient to use in propaganda aimed at soldiers of the junta – they say look, you can just cross the border to throw technique, to surrender their arms and retire from the hardships of war, and there is a loophole – throw technique, to surrender their weapons and run Ukraine.

In the near future remain in the Russian soldiers and officers of the junta will give plenty of propaganda mother. For our part we will try mishandled in such a camp man, that he talked with ordinary soldiers of the junta on what they think about what is happening. The truth is not the fact that the start up, the remaining works closely Bloody gebni.

4 As for the art. The question of whether or not destroyed easily solved. If, after the fall of the remnants of this part of the boiler there will show up deposits of the destroyed equipment (as evidenced by the numerous photographs will ever 70 armored vehicles), this means that surrounded grouping adopted this condition. But if the numerous photographs of the destroyed equipment will not, then it is not difficult to guess who all this stuff left. Here is a few days to wait.

5 Why did the soldiers of the junta allowed to leave the Ukraine? Explain, at this stage of the conflict is not officially recognized by the war (although in Europe are now increasingly voices that this is a war), and it means that Russia has no legal grounds to intern them. Not including the fact that in April this year, the power scenario of action in the Ukraine has been blocked, so Russia is still hard to break the comedy to an event that has nothing to do, even though all parties to the conflict are well aware that this is not so. But those are the rules of the game.

For the same militia, it is more important not to kill all surrounded by soldiers, and to eliminate the southern boiler as an operational factor, so instead of a full and unconditional surrender, the militia was allowed to get out of the junta’s soldiers to their through Russian territory, but with the complete disarmament and the ability to throw the fight disagree. Speedy destruction of the boiler will allow the release of additional forces to stabilize the front in the area Debalcevo, Lutugino, Yasinovataya and marinating. At the moment it is more significant than the hysterical cries about the fact that we should not let go 200 soldiers of the junta, which at the current ratio of little resolve.

Letting boiler parts, this is the best way to speed up the process, so I can guarantee that other parts surrounded http://lifenews.ru/news/137850 will be offered the same conditions, and someone from the boiler will return to Ukraine, but it will be pitiful remnants surrounded groups, most of which have already perished, and soon partially settles in the camps of the Rostov region. Well, the junta itself in any case can say goodbye to those 2-3 hundreds of armored vehicles that have already been killed in the boiler or to be destroyed / put the militia in the foreseeable future.

At the moment, negotiations have not yet surrendered to the parts of the junta continues. Conditions are the same as for 72 minutes Ombre.

Perepepost with offline MOO “Readers room” http://www.chitalnya.ru/commentary/14771/



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