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Professional Soldiers Ready to Turn Their Weapons Against the Junta

Источник - кадровые военные готовы повернуть оружие против хунты Soldiers and officers do not wish to participate in the fratricidal war. In New Russia, thousands of Ukrainian military, abandoned on the Donbass for the so-called “anti-terrorist operation”, ready to stop fighting and go to the territory of Russia.

Many Ukrainian military believes its northern neighbor the sole guarantor of the preservation of their life and liberty.

“In a number of Russian officials released the Ukrainian army officers of higher and lower ranks, who said they did not see the point and the prospects for the continuation of the fratricidal war and are ready to stop acting for the sake of Kiev regime and curators from the United States,” – said the source.

According to the publication, it is not just about the military and border guards, clamped in the “southern pot” on the border with Russia, but also the commanders of groups of ordinary Ukrainian troops deployed near Donetsk and Lugansk. Discontent among the Ukrainian military is massive and growing every day. In a number of units that have suffered losses and are experiencing an acute shortage of food and fuel, clashed with nationalists. War in some parts, in spite of the extreme exhaustion, people are ready to deploy the weapon in the direction of criminal authorities and go to Kiev.

source: goo.gl/KCPPzM
for background see

Leaked CIA Report Warns of Military Coup in Ukraine



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