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Odessa City Police v Right Sector Fascist Thugs Attacking Night Club in Odessa Novorussia ‘This One is For Donbass’

‘This one is for Donbass’.

Who the hell wears a ski mask to nightclub.

Odessa City Police got their night clubs out.

About 500 Russian cultural figures approving annexation of Crimea and partition of Ukraine will be blacklisted, said Ukrainian Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko said on Facebook.He spoke out against Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak who had not cancelled concerts in Russia.

He suggested that Ukrainian singers could make money in Crimea instead.Right Sector thugs tried to first US$10,000 from nightclub owner to help pay for genocidal war effort in Lughansk and Donetsk Republics when nightclub owner refused Right Sector thugs tried to storm nightclub only to be beaten back by ‘Private’ security and City Police officals.

As you can see they were more than capable of beating the crap out these fascist thugs.

At 3:30 a police officer charging the crowd yells out, ‘This one is for Donbass’ other police join him in calling out Donbass.

The fantastic and sexy Ani Lorak 🙂 xox


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