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The Berkut are the Embodment of the Ukraine SSR- Training New Recruits

The Berkut are the embodment of the Ukraine SSR because of their training, discipline, cohesion, motivation, and sheer courage, they stood on the Maidan facing the US sponsored terrorists, and only opened fire when they had to.

During to turbalance in the lead up to the Febuary coup they faced violent and unhinged fascist mobs and  stothe Berkut stood their ground without killing anyone. These men are exemplars of the Soviet spirit they are true men, worthy of both praise and respect.

The junta replaced them with drug addicted Euro-trash terrorists who have no discipline or training. These sorry sacks o’ shit scuttle over the east of the Ukraine SSR like cockroaches killing people, robbing, and molesting women.

Their seems to be a difference the Berkut are the incarnated PIG (Pride Integrity Guts), the junta pigs are just that, only pigs. The American media demonised the Berku beacause they love the junta thugs this is absurdist fiction.

Thousands of “Ukrainian” servicemen have rallied to both Russia and the emerging Novrussia, including the former commander of the Ukrainian Navy in Crimea. After a well earned rest and retraining members of the Berkut ones who have not decided to accept Russia’s offer of citizenship and to join the Russian Interior Ministry OMON Spetnaz are return to the former Ukraine CCP to help restore her honour and dignity.

Not a single Russian or patriot serviceman has gone over to the junta nor have they fought inside the territory of the Ukriane SSR. Only Ukrainian servicemen who have sort ot return to their home country have been provided with logistical assistance in returning to the Ukraine SSR and have brought with them equipment that belongs to the Ukrainian people to be used is assisting the liberating of their land from the US and Western backed fascist coup plotters.

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