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Rally in Moscow in Support of Russian Donbass August 2, 2014



Rally in support of Russian Donbass will be held on Saturday, August 2 to the address: Moscow, crossing the street Durov and Olympic Avenue, opposite the Theatre beasts them. Durov (street Durov, 4). To get to the venue from the subway can Dostoyevskaya (470 m) and Prospect Mira (780 m). Starting the meeting – at 15:00. The event is in accord with the Moscow government.

Donbass in the fire, destruction and grief. Mercenaries Kiev junta shot residential areas with mortars, heavy artillery, rocket launchers, rounded up people in the filtration camps, destroying homes, factories, and infrastructure. Hundreds killed any innocent women, children and old people. As a result of punitive action almost completely destroyed and deserted city-hero Slovyansk, dozens of villages razed to the ground.

Donbass should stay, Donbass should win! We call on Russia to cease its shameful silence and stop the destruction of the Russian people. Aggressor must be enforced to the world!

Russia, do not leave the Donbass! Today Donetsk, Moscow tomorrow. We, Russian, in solidarity with the Donbas! One for all and all for one!

At the rally, planned to address well-known politicians, military personnel, collection of humanitarian aid and donations for the benefit of the inhabitants of Donetsk and Lugansk republics. After the rally, held a two-hour charity concert in support of patriotic Igor rifle and free Donbass. We invite you to attend all the organizations that advocate for freedom and Russian Donbass, New Russia and Ruthenia traitors and Russophobes. We invite all concerned Russian people to come to the rally and support our common struggle for the Russian world. Our support is very important to residents of Donbass!

In the first meeting Suvorov Square, which took place on June 11, we purchased humanitarian aid to 2.3 million. Rubles and organized the delivery of more than 3 tons of humanitarian aid collected directly at the rally, handed a petition to the President of the Russian Federation with three thousand signatures. About our rally written all the major media outlets in Russia, Europe and even in the United States. We have already shown their solidarity and strength, and have to do it again!

Another rally in support of Russian Donbass will be held on Saturday August 2nd at Moscow, crossing the street and Durov Olympic Avenue, opposite the Animal Theater. Durov (street Durov, 4). To get to the venue from the subway can Dostoyevskaya (470 m) and Prospect Mira (780 m). Starting the meeting – at 15:00. The event is in accord with the Moscow government.

Organizer – Public Movement “Battle of Donbass” consisting of the following movements and organizations:


Right-wing conservative alliance
Eurasian Youth Union
National Patriots Russia
Right platform
Russian selection
Patriotic movement “Green Ribbon”
Relief Fund Novorossia Gleb Kornilov
Foundation of Martyrs and Confessors of Christ
Russian Human Rights Center
The conservative advocacy group
National liberation movement
PDS National Patriotic Forces of Russia
Fund for Slavic Literature and Culture
BO “Russian demography”
Foundation “Moscow Charity reserve”
with the participation of independent political activists and non-party patriots.

Responsible for the activity: Alexey Zhivov

Press Secretary Oleg Vozovik

Rally on August 2 “For Russian Donbass!” Questions and answers.

Rally agreed with the authorities and is an official event, during which the concert will be held, as well as by collecting aid for victims of the Ukrainian aggression.

1 What is the purpose of the meeting?

The purpose of the meeting – to demonstrate public support for the New Russia and the Donbas, pushing the government to become more active assistance to Russian in New Russia. Therefore, it is important turnout – the more people come, the sooner the authorities realize that Russian society requires the active assistance of the Donbas. In addition, at the meeting will be to gather humanitarian aid Donbass. We do not mitinguem “for all the good” – we require to render maximum assistance Donbass uprising, here and now.

2 sanctioned rally?

Yes, rally sanctioned. Moscow City Hall has allocated under him intersection Colored Boulevard and Olympic Avenue from 15 am to 19 pm on Saturday, August 2. It is near the center of Moscow, a 5-minute walk from two metro stations – so by doing your civic duty, you will be able to maintain uninterrupted rest in a pleasant Saturday evening.

3 Who is organizing the rally? This is the party event?

Rally organizing a broad coalition of 19 Russian national organizations ranging from the National Democrats to Eurasians. No party flags at the rally will not only Russian flags and flags of New Russia. No party or campaign speeches will not be – only Donbass only help insurgent Donbass only support Donbass. It is worth noting that in the organization of the meeting involved the fund Gubareva Catherine, wife of the legendary Paul Gubaryov and news agency ANNA-NEWS, famous for his coverage of the most scorching heat of battles.

4 What if nobody comes?

Previous meeting on June 11 attended by thousands of people came all the national television channels. We expect that the rally on August 2 in times override attendance event June 11 – Massacre Donbass few people can remain indifferent.

5 What happens if the rally will provocateurs of the number of Ukrainians in Moscow? After what they do in Kiev, from them you can expect anything …

Other than those of the law of protection from the police, we will also own, additional protection. All attempts to deploy Ukrainian flags or arrange other provocations will be stopped quickly and harshly. By the way, a successful rally for the Donbass June 11 passed without incident.

6 Who will speak at the rally?

The backbone of the speakers of volunteers and philanthropists involved direct aid Donbass. You will be able to communicate with those who are risking their lives, deliver aid across the border. The main characters of the rally – not politicians, but Russian civil society, here and now savior of Russian life. Society of which can be you. This rally for those who do not speak and do.

7 How can I help in the conduct of the meeting?

You can as widely as possible invitation to the meeting, calling their friends and acquaintances.

8 What will be considered a success of the rally?

Save lives and help you have gathered victory Donbass uprising. Your visit to the rally – it’s a small but real contribution to the victory of New Russia. Be sure to come!


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