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Strelkov Explains Why Donetsk Republic Militia’s Left Slovyansk



Slavyansk left. This page military confrontation gave rise to accusations against the Supreme Chief of the Army Igor Ivanovich Strelkova DNR. Why did he leave Slovyansk? Why not perish with his army?

All week prior to breakthrough strelkovtsev, Ukrainian army pulls together the most capable forces to the city. Even though organized archery raids, stop motion was not possible. According to the press service of the Donetsk republic near Sloviansk, Kramatorsk and some other cities military group consisted of 45-55 thousand. Manpower and 1500 thousands of vehicles and guns. And with each passing day, these tools work more actively. And not only bombed and fired strength of DNR, but also brings down bombs on the peaceful neighborhoods where the victims were over a hundred people. The intensity with which Ukrainian punishers were shelling was comparable only German bombing offensive period 1941-1942. The guns were silent only at the time when they needed updating and delivery of ammunition. At night – they do not bother in this. It should be noted that for the “Grad” a kind of filling used, namely, cluster bombs, forbidden world conventions.

According to DNR fighter on the night, from the 4th to the 5th of July, approximately at 22:30 began shelling Kramators’k and Slavic all guns Ukrainian army. “It lasted 2 hours without a moment’s silent. Then, by Sloviansk, beginning to break out of the encirclement our column. Her departure covered tanks. Also came out and my group for support and protection mortar calculations. But mortars we had not even expanded, as we opened fire on howitzers and mortars. Both mortars are gone, but the team has not been able to move out of the fire. Around 03:00 shelling stopped and scattered militia groups began to gather at the main base. At 05:00 we were told that the slave stepped aside Donetsk, and we were also told to put forward there. “

10500345_659415240817101_7493184990572661558_nAt the training camp commander had decided to let go of those fighters who have remained in the family occupied Ukrainian cities that would take them to Russia. Thus, some of the strelkovtsev for a while left part of the army of DNR.

In the Ukrainian security forces captured cities Slovyansk, Kramatorsk Kostyantynivka and held a series of mass arrests. Looking for anyone who even as it helped the militia. Humiliation and torture – a normal practice for the punishers. “The National Guard played at civilians in all their many losses. For those who believe that if the militia will leave without a fight, it will save them from reprisals – no, do not save, “- said the Gunmen.

The next day the chief of the army DNR Igor Fusiliers gave the details of the output from the militias.

“Our decision to go out of town, did not die in it, was caused not only by the desire to save the garrison itself, but also the fact that we knew that we could not hold it, and the city will undergo even more destruction, more victims.”

According to him, the successful breakthrough of closing the ring contributed distracting attack on the stele “Slavic” strelkovtsev armored group, most of which was lost during the withdrawal. With regard to the main group, then managed to get out of the city from 80 to 90% of personnel and weapons.

“The number of dead and injured is not very large at the break. Also managed to get a significant portion of military families and individuals engaged us, which was extremely dangerous to remain in the city, “- said the commander in chief.

But in addition to accusations of loss of personnel and equipment, for small was accused that he did not die there. This in his video-handling demanded a prominent Russian politician Sergei Kurginyan: “Slavic was in fact treacherously put Banderovites archery, which the junta introduced a corridor to exit. That’s why he came out without loss. “ For the entourage he even put in front of the camera automatic “assault rifles.” Prophetic of the Moscow office, Kurginyan assumes the right to criticize warring people, discuss tactics and strategy of the present, not the book of war. With the fake gun. But leave it to his conscience, and see what is actually meant Slavic breakthrough.

10296492_661200963971862_8965277167425811875_oSlavyansk, since that time, as there came Igor Fusiliers, having with him a couple of dozen poorly armed men, became a symbol of the fight against the Kiev junta. More than one city from the former South-East of Ukraine has not been subjected to such attacks as punitive Ukrainian Slavonic. He was a legend and the city and the city-bait, pulling back enemy group. During the time that the arrow is held town, and managed to create the People’s Republic of Donetsk, and create a network of combat units of DNR, and connect them with the rebel troops of the Republic of Lugansk. All this “miss the bus” Kyiv, fascinated by the elimination of the Russian retired colonel. Left a colonel not to hunting rifles and armored vehicles. I remember that Kutuzov once surrendered to Napoleon Moscow. In other words, the city-bait worked like a trap for the Ukrainian “winners”.

Who is this mysterious Igor himself Gunmen? The press called him that a senior officer of the GRU, then hinted that he was acting under the “roof” of the FSB. It turned everything easier and more difficult – yes, he was a colonel in the Federal Security Service’s resignation, but the soldiers in their vocation. The first war for Igor Ivanovich began in 1992 in Bosnia. Despite the fact that he was 22, he had served as chief of staff in the second Russian volunteer corps.

“I served with him there in Bosnia – says brother-Strelkova Alexander Kravchenko, – it is certainly a unique destiny, like nothing on earth. He began to fight in Transnistria spring of 1992, then Bosnia in 1992-1993, then he finishes Historical Archives Institute RSUH and his take on the military service. That is, a man after two “hot spots” such combat experience is ordinary soldier in the Russian army air defense forces. And then begins the next stage – he is under contract to fight in Chechnya. “

Kravchenko said Fusiliers fought in self-propelled artillery, and then went on to a professional service in one of the law enforcement agencies, where relatively quickly was promoted to colonel, because was constantly in combat missions in Chechnya and Dagestan:

“He started with a simple soldier positions and became a senior officer. I think that he is now in place as a team and as a person who is a promise for the Russian business in New Russia. We, Russian volunteers who know him on Transnistria and Yugoslavia, inspired by what came out of our series such an amazing person. He always struck us his toughness and confidence in the rightness of their own business. It was a rare phenomenon in the volunteer environment, especially when in the early nineties. “

Knowing that he retired long before the Ukrainian events, his fellow soldiers believe that the allegations of alleged “KGB” should be unfounded:

“If that were true, then perhaps the fate of New Russia was formed not so tragically. But it came at the call of the people at the call of their military duty. Even if you look at the supply where it comes from clothing and other, it is obvious that all this assistance is on a voluntary basis. Not from the warehouses of the Armed Forces. I think maybe the “curators” would bother to make it look more dignified. “ – Says Kravchenko.

I must say that “strelkovtsy” looks more than worthy and appearance fighters and their dedication. Volunteers – a motley crowd. Donbas can be seen and local Cossacks, and children with a university education, and patriots from all over the former Soviet Union. But consider the militia – “strelkovtsy – this guard on guard.”

After Igor himself Fusiliers arrived in Donetsk, he almost immediately was appointed military commandant of the city. DNR authorities were well aware that the main purpose of the Ukrainian army will be this city. Because now called Donetsk new Stalingrad.

“We’ll try not to make the mistakes committed in the past. We can prepare for the next attack of the enemy more closely and provide him with those key points that he once captured so easily, when we had two or three machine at the checkpoint “- promised Shooters. According to him, Donetsk much more comfortable and better defended than a small Slavonic.

Already, at the initiative of Strelkov created Central Military Commission, which includes all the most notable warlords, to harmonize and further develop a common defense tactics Donetsk People’s Republic.

Now it is safe to share the history of the military confrontation in the Slavonic and Donetsk-Stalingrad. The first – the mobilization stage, the second – the final battle with Kiev. There is much talk about whether there is a chance for the young republic to stand and live with well-armed, with the support of the West opponent. But I would have thought of something else.

Of the Ukraine, which was early in the year, no more – not on the cards, or in people’s hearts. Southeast did not participate in the presidential elections, thus de-legitimize them.

Now they have another state – New Russia.

Crimea – now part of Russia.

Bandera powerful oligarch Igor Kolomoisky enclave, with its own army, also claims to autonomy. And not only autonomy but also on total control over the security agencies of Ukraine, which, ultimately, may lead to a new round is truly a civil war, that is, with the Ukrainians Ukrainians.

And in this situation is clearly losing Poroshenko Strelkov.

Not for nothing was Slavonic.

Igor Molotov



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