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Kiev junta disbands Communist Party of Ukraine: Prelude to General Suppression, Ethnic Cleansing

Kiev, Ukraine: The speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, Oleksander Turchynov, a member of the US backed junta that seized power in Kiev in March this year, has announced that he “corrected an historical error” and “fulfilled an historic mission” disbanding the Communist Party of Ukraine.

As well as parliament’s July 24 dissolution of the Communist Party, the Kiev junta has filed a court suit to ban Communist Party activity and to declare it a criminal organisation on grounds of supporting “separatism” and “terrorism”.

A statement by Communist Party leader Petro Symonenko in early May, that if he were president, he would immediately recall all troops from eastern Ukraine triggered these moves. He called the “special operations” in Donetsk and Luhansk regions at the time a “war against the people.”

As a result right-wing thugs drove Symonenko out of the Presidential elections, culminating in an attempt to assassinate him.

The junta alleges that the Communist Party has been involved in “actions that led to Russia’s occupation of Crimea, involvement in supply of weapons and funding of terrorists in eastern regions, as well as in arranging separatist referenda in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions.”

Communist Party members are accused of “direct involvement … in combat actions against Ukrainian forces of the anti-terrorist operation.”

The “anti-terrorist operation” is in fact the Kiev junta’s policy of ethnically cleansing eastern Ukraine of Russian speakers, in line with the call for “Ukraine for the Ukrainians” by the extreme right and Nazi elements that make up the junta.

The junta is even more determined to carry out this policy because of the east’s rejection of the fascist coup in Kiev, and the overwhelmingly endorsed referenda for self-determination in Crimea, Luhansk and Donetsk provinces.

The junta is also under pressure to restore “stability” in eastern Ukraine as part of the agreement to release IMF funding for the close-to-bankrupt country.

A draft bill “On the prohibition of communist ideology in Ukraine” is also before parliament. This “thought-crime” law, if passed, sets up the mechanism for suppression of all socialist and anti-fascist views and will drive all leftist movements and independent working class organisations underground.

It will make the IMF-imposed austerity policies and the accompanying ransacking of Ukraine’s resources and assets, so much more difficult to resist, whether by workers and families in the western or eastern regions of Ukraine.

The banning of the Communist Party and “communist ideology” has been accompanied by murders, beatings, abduction and torture of communists, as well as the destruction of party buildings and desecration of monuments commemorating the victory of Ukrainians of the Soviet era over Hitler’s Nazis.

Members of other leftist organisations, activists and unionists have also been targets.

The suppression of the Communist Party in Ukraine signals the continuing descent of Ukraine into bloody dictatorship as the Kiev junta intensifies the vicious civil war against its own people on behalf of Ukrainian oligarchs – of which billionaire President Poroshenko is representative – and as it delivers Ukraine into the tender mercies of the bankers of the European Union.

Progressive, democratic and peace loving forces internationally need to call for:

  • condemnation of the banning of the Communist Party of Ukraine and similar moves against other opposition parties and organisations;
  • a stop to the genocide being carried out against the people of Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics and the violent suppression of opposition to the junta throughout Ukraine;
  • solidarity with Ukrainian workers and all forces that stand against the neo-Nazi threat in Ukraine; and
  • denunciation of the US/NATO conspiracy of aggression against Ukraine, and by extension Russia, which contains within it the threat of nuclear war.




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