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Australia Mans Up on Ukraine Ordering a General Ceasfire and Threatening to Send In Armed Troops to Investigate Shooting Down of MH17

Australian media has reproted that that Australia is fast losing patience with attempts by the Ukrainian Junta to block the investigation in the events surrounding the shooting down of Malaysian flight MH17.

The Australia Foreign Minister has ordered a general ceasefire between the  Ukraine Army and the militias defending the Donetsk and Lughansk Republics from attacks by the Ukraine Army and foreign mercanaires fight for the interest of oligarches.

Australia has thretened to send in armed troops to prevent fighting around the MH17 crash if it can not secure the support of the Ukrainian Junta in preventing the shelling of the area by Ukrainian Army, the National Gurad and foreign mercanary forces.

These degvelopments come as the Ukrainian governemnt collapsed after Neo-Fascist political parties who control the National Gurad fighting forces left the ruling pro-European government after the the Military and Internal Security appartus attempted to blame the National.

Violence has also erupted in the west of Ukraine as two Mayor appointed by the fallen government came under attack by National Guard forces control by Ukraines Neo-fascist political parties.

Australian, Dutch and Malaysian MH17 investigators has praised the efforts of the Donetsk and Lughansk governments for their active support in gaining limited access to the MH17 crash sites.


PoroMH17: Ukraine Parliament Considers Agreement to Allow AFP to Carry Weapons into Crash Site

Phil Williams and Stephen McDonell

ABC News


Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is hopeful Ukrainian MPs will ratify an agreement to allow Australians to carry weapons on the MH17 crash site.

Ms Bishop is in Kiev holding talks with president Petro Poroshenko and other officials and says the plan to carry weapons is just a contingency.

The announcement comes as fighting between the pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian troops forced the abandonment of the joint Dutch-Australian police mission to get to the site for the second day running.

Australia Foreign Minister Julie Bishop

pressuingUkrainian President Poroshenko

The group were forced to turn back about 30 kilometres from the fields where the plane crashed.

Ms Bishop says the Australian Federal Police (AFP) mission at the crash site will remain unarmed but says the addition of Ukrainian parliamentary approval for weapons is simply a wise contingency plan.

“Part of that is to have the right, should it ever be necessary, to bring arms into the country for self-defence,” Ms Bishop said.

“Now, I don’t envisage that we will ever resort to that, but it is a contingency planning, and you would be reckless not to include it in this kind of agreement.

“But I stress our mission is unarmed because it is [a] humanitarian mission.”

Ms Bishop said the Ukrainian president has assured her his troops were observing a 40-kilometre ceasefire zone around the crash site but there are numerous reports of ongoing and fierce battles close by.

She says the Australian-Dutch police contingent will try again to get to the site to search for human remains.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says it is a frustrating situation.

dutch“The separatists, the Russians, all of them … they have all made a commitment to a ceasefire to provide humanitarian corridors for our police mission to go through,” he told Macquarie Radio.

“It is high time that those commitments were honoured. I’ll be making phone calls later today to try to see what we can do to make that happen.

“We owe it to the dead, we owe it to their loved ones to get them back and that is what we are determined to do.”

In addition, international investigators will hold talks with Ukrainian forces and rebel fighters to try again to get access to the MH17 crash site.

Russian-speaking separatists have been desperately trying to halt the advance of Ukrainian troops and according to rebel leader Igor Strelkov, 30 of his men have been killed in the past 24 hours.

The delay in accessing the site has also frustrated Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) spokesman Michael Bociurkiw, who says the delays are unacceptable.

“It didn’t get to the point where anyone was exposed to real danger,” he told ABC News Breakfast.

“I mean, there were fairly heavy explosions or shelling nearby, but no debris flying our way and we did have the use, of course, of OSCE armoured vehicles.

“But it was so disappointing; ‘unacceptable’ is the word we used earlier when we spoke about this to the media, because so much preparation and groundwork had been done in consultation with the Ukrainian side and the rebel side, to make sure that we could reach our destination today.

“There should have been no question about our intentions, about our route, about our timing, and yet the safety situation kind of collapsed and we had to turn back.”




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Brendan Nicholson & Jacquelin Magnay The Australian



Australia last night urged Ukraine’s leaders to stop the fighting in eastern Ukraine that has prevented an international police team searching the Malaysia Airlines crash site.


Fighting in the area around the site, near the village of Grabov, intensified on Sunday, apparently after large numbers of Ukrainian troops attacked rebels there.


That prevented the 49-strong international police team, which includes II Australians, beginning its search for victims’ remains and evidence of what sort of missile downed the airliner, killing all aboard.


Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said the police convoy had yester- day again begun to move from nearby Donetsk to the crash site.


She said the police officers would have to pass several checkpoints occupied by forces from the Ukrainian military and by separatist groups, “but we are feeling quite confident that our teams, our crash investigation teams, will get to the site today”.


Ms Bishop and her Netherlands counterpart, Frans Timmer- mans, were last night on their way to meet Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko and Acting Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman to urge them to stop the fighting.


The two ministers also planned to meet members” of Ukraine’s national security and defence council, “We will be seeking assurances that none of the military activity that has been going on in the last 24 hours or longer will compromise our humanitarian mission,” Ms Bshop told the ABC’s 730 program “We want to urge them to abide by the terms of the UN Security Council resolution which required there to be a ceasefire on both sides.


“That’s what we have sought from the separatists, and that is what we will be seeking from the Ukrainian leadership because the ceasefire zone has been breached in the last 24 hours.”



Australian, Dutch and Malaysian investogators have recieved support from the Donetsk and Lughansk governments.

Ms Bishop said she and Mr Timmermans had also spoken further with the Operation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, which had negotiated with the rebels on behalf of The Netherlands and Australia.


Earlier, Ms Bishop told The Australian that the security of the Australian police on the ground in Ukraine was her only priority and she had “clear, consistent and coordinated” contact with the OSCE.


“We have to remember our objective, and our objective is to ensure that we have thoroughly inspected the site for any remains.


And experts can tell us whether there is a point beyond which there is no point, but they haven’t told us that, so we will continue to seek to undertake this mission for as long as we have to,” she said.


The Netherlands, Australia and a small team from Malaysia are charged with sweeping the extensive crash site to collect body remains and personal possessions to return to bereaved families.


Ms Bishop said contingency planning underpinned every decision in weighing up the risks of sending in unarmed police to an area that is in a dramatic state of flux.


“We have senior Australian Federal Police who are considering every option, every angle, so we have to bounce the risks of this humanitarian objective.”


Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte rejected a massive military commitment to try to secure the site and said the security situation was being assessed on a daily basis.


Former Ukraine Junta appointed Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk quit shortly after the downing of MH17 after his

government released information which pointed towards coalition political parties being responisble for the downing of MH17

for more info on this see




Arseniy Yatsenyuk likes to take a hands on approach with the Ukraine Army

Yat 2


Australian Foreign Minister taking the downing of MH17 to the United Nations.










The Australian defence force ahs a history of sending in peace keepers to defend people from tyranical governments

Ukraine news item on the 16th July 2014 shows BUK system deployed in the Republic of Donetsk on the day before the tragic shooting down of MH17





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