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What Really Happened with the Shooting Down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17


Seperatist outlining what happened in the shooting down of flight MH17

Here is what appears to have happened to Malaysian Flight MH17.

The Right Sector led National Guard and the Battalion Azov funded and run by Israeli Oligarch Ihor Valeriyovych Kolomoyskyi  were undergoing training exercise south of recently captured Donetsk Republic city of Slovyansk with Polish ex-military mercanaires reported to be leading the training exercises.

Al Jazerra report on the foreign make up of Battalion Azov fighters under Kolomoyskyi

The Ukrainian Airforce appears to percieved that reported fighters massing south of Slvyansk as Donetsk Republicain fighters preparing an attack to retake Slovyansk.

Ukrainian BUK’s near Slovyansk in June

Ukrianian Airforce SU25 fighters were scrambled and took cover from gorund fire by flying close to Malaysian Flight MH17. Flight MH17 was diverted over the training zone.


The Ukrainian Airforce SU25 jets dropped from behind the Malaysian flight MH17 and fired…

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